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Morning Falcon Watch 2-9-16

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

A duplicate of yesterday-an overcast morning with a temperature of 37 (F) 3 (C)

I didn’t find Billie and Seth at Seneca Towers this morning but as I was on my way down St. Paul St. to downtown I spotted Seth on the Kodak Hawkeye plant. He was on the ring railing right behind the disheveled nest box-the roof is gone and the rest of it doesn’t look very stable.


A couple minutes later Billie flew in from the north and landed near Seth-he had his back to me but Buffalo Billie was facing me.


They both scratched their head and then as Billie and I watched, Seth pooped and flew out to the north. He came right back- landing on the top of the ladder then off again to the south out of view.



When Billie didn’t follow I drove around to the south side where I could see the front of her although it was from a much farther distance.


It was time to get downtown-I found Beauty on one of the northeast corners of Legacy Tower. She had her back to me and she didn’t stay long either.


At 8:05am the Beautyful one pooped, stretched her wings then turned around and flew northwest.


I set out to look for Dotca (DC) but didn’t find him. I ended up spotting Beauty on the top I-beam west corner of OCSR at which point I drove down to Aqueduct St. in the hole.


Beauty stepped around the corner out of my view when I wasn’t looking-I thought she left the building. I took a one more trip around searching for DC but it wasn’t meant to be today. While on the Andrews St. bridge I could see Beauty near the west corner on the northwest side of OCSR. I went down to State St. to share a few moments with her.


As I made my way down route 104 west I spotted a Red-tailed Hawk in a tree behind the Hampton Inn. I drove on to check the Medley Centre and after having no luck finding a falcon there I went back to see if the hawk was still there. It was, so I stopped to take some pics. The hawk was turning around when I first pulled up and then it flew out to another branch. It flew off to the southwest as I was taping it.



I ended my watch at 9am smiling from seeing the gorgeous hawk as an added bonus! 🙂

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6 Responses to “Morning Falcon Watch 2-9-16”

  1. patsy6 Says:

    Gorgeous pics of a gorgeous hawk, MAK! And are those buds I see on the tree? Also, I wasn’t aware that the Hawkeye nestbox was so dilapidated. It has definitely seen better days.

  2. TapperGal Says:

    Always nice seeing Billie and Seth together. That hawk is a beautiful site!!! Thanks as usual MAK.

  3. MAK Says:

    Pat, the roof on the Hawkeye nest box came off last fall sometime and the rest seems to be collapsing as well. Red-tail’s are my favorite hawk and they don’t usually stick around very long but this one hung out with me for a good amount of time. 🙂

  4. MAK Says:

    Diane, it’s nice when Billie and Seth perch closer to the ground-it’s a long way up to the top of Seneca Towers! 🙂

  5. Alison in Indiana Says:

    Didn’t folks think Billie and Seth brooded on a scrape last season? Maybe they were in the Hawkeye box…

  6. MAK Says:

    Alison, I can say with complete confidence that Billie and Seth did not nest at Hawkeye. I would have noticed as I go by there every day and I check it from the west side balcony on my 16th floor at Seneca Towers. 🙂

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