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Morning Falcon Watch/ Another chiller 2-14-16

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

WOW -11 (F) -23 (C) degrees to start my watch-thankfully there was virtually no wind and the sun was shining so it made the temperature more bearable

Happy Valentine’s Day from Rochester’s very together Peregrine Falcon pairs

I started my brrr-ish day with Billie and Seth on the north window ledge of Seneca Towers facing each other like bookends. I don’t think my camera was liking the cold temps as I had a hard time getting it to focus this morning.


Onward to downtown after a couple minutes with them. I went straight to Bragdon St. to check the south ledge of the OCSR elevator shaft where I found Beauty. She flew out over the river and up to the north side ledge displacing Dot.ca (DC), who flew out and up to the south side ledge.


DC had a small bit of food he ate in about a minute. Then the Beautyful one flew out-I lost track of her as DC flew out and over to the north side ledge of the elevator shaft. I then drove over to the Radisson Hotel driveway by Main St. where I could see Beauty on the top I-beam near the south corner and DC up on the north ledge.



Happy to see our Seneca Towers and downtown Peregrines I moved on to the Brighton site (BS). I found the tiercel (male) on the top window east side of the southeast extension and the female was on the 2nd window down where the east extension meets the southeast extension.


She seemed to be awake and alert but he was napping on and off as they took in the warmth of the sun rays.


I left them after a few minutes and headed off to check the Medley Centre but on my way through downtown I spotted Beauty on the base of Mercury, so naturally I had to stop for a couple shots of her.


Unfortunately, I didn’t see a falcon at the mall and so I ended my watch there at 8:40am. Dana reported seeing the BS pair preening at 10:45am on the southeast extension and at 3:08pm she saw a falcon perched in a tree to the south of BS. I would have liked to see Big Frankie but I’m sure she was out eating a gull somewhere and doing fine. Seeing 6 Peregrine Falcons in Rochester is certainly a good day and worthy of a great big smile! 🙂

Check out the link below to see today’s love birds <3


2 Responses to “Morning Falcon Watch/ Another chiller 2-14-16”

  1. June P Kogut Says:

    You get BIG brownie points for being out in this weather.. As should all our falcon friends..I’m smiling with you!! Thanks and smiles, June

  2. MAK Says:

    The falcons need to be checked on especially in bad weather June. I can at least go home to a warm apartment. 🙂

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