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Monday PM Falcon Watch – 3 Falcons and 2 Bald Eagles! 2/15/16

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

It was a balmy 22 degrees (F) when I ventured out for a afternoon falcon watch yesterday.  From the Radisson, I could see Beauty on the north side of OCSR on the top IBeam.

Beauty on North Side of OCSR Top IBeam -2-15-16Beauty on North Side of OCSR -2-15-16

From in front of the Radisson I could also see the Times Square Bldg (TSB) nest box and the Kodak Tower.  It was windy and the flags were whipping on the Sisters City Bridge.

Times Square Bldg Nest Box -2-15-16Kodak Tower -2-15-16

I could not see any falcons up inside the elevator shaft, so I headed over to the Andrews St Bridge.  From there I could see that Dot.ca was also on the top Ibeam around the corner from Beauty.

Beauty and Dot.ca on OCSR North Side -2-15-16

I settled in for awhile, keeping an eye on Beauty and Dot.ca and watching the antics of the gulls and Crows on the river ice below.

Some gulls were walking on the ice, some were swimming in the frigid water and some were sleeping with their heads tucked under their wings.  I watched a Crow slowly and hesitantly walk up to a sleeping gull.  Closer, closer, WHACK!  The Crow bopped the gull on top of the head with its beak and the gull jumped up and squawked.  lol  I do believe that the Crow was checking to see if the gull was dead, looking for a meal.

The gull flew off and the Crow walked over to the edge of the ice where there were blood stains and remains of what I am pretty sure was a fish.  The Crow picked up some bits and pieces of frozen sushi and then walked towards another sleeping gull.  This one was having none of it.  The gull stood up, wings spread out, shoeing the Crow away.

Crows and Gulls on the River Ice -2-15-16Crow Eating Frozen Sushi on the River Ice -2-15-16Crow Stalking Sleeping Gulls -2-15-16

All was quiet and peaceful downtown.  Beauty and Dot.ca both looked like they had full crops and they weren’t going anywhere. It was time to check out Seneca Towers.

From Maplewood Park, which is across the river, north of Seneca Towers, I could see a falcon on the north end window ledge. Based on size, I thought it might be Billie, but I was at too far a distance to tell for sure.

Falcon at Seneca Towers -2-15-16

Before I started my watch, I had received a text from fellow Watcher Dick.  He had seen a falcon hunting over at Medley Center. He was pretty sure it was Big Frank(ie).

At Russell Station, I saw a bird up on top of one of the stacks.  It ended up being a Crow.

Crow at Russell Station -2-15-16

Driving along the lake (Lake Ontario) between Charlotte and Greece, I spotted a beautiful adult Bald Eagle flying over a very icy lake.

Adult Bald Eagle Over Lake Ontario -2-15-16Icy Lake Ontario -2-15-16

Further down, I spotted another Bald Eagle, this time a juvie.  Wow!  Love seeing Bald Eagles!

Juvie Bald Eagle Over Buck Pond -2-15-16

Today, we are under a Winter Storm Warning with a possibility of 10 to 18 inches of snow.  I won’t be able to get out until they clear up the roads.  Working on getting new snow tires.  Keep warm and safe everyone!

4 Responses to “Monday PM Falcon Watch – 3 Falcons and 2 Bald Eagles! 2/15/16”

  1. Alison in Indiana Says:

    Having seen the snow on camera, I know why there have been no reports for a few days (not to mention MAK’s absence) but someone was at the Powers Building nest box….

  2. Carol P. Says:

    I was out this afternoon, but did not see Beauty or Dot.CA. I did see Billie and Seth. DC visited the Powers nest box at 12:57 pm.

  3. Alison in Indiana Says:

    Many thanks. Carol P.

  4. Carol P. Says:

    You’re very welcome Alison.

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