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Afternoon Falcon Watches – 4 Falcons Seen! 2/18 & 2/19/16

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

Rochester, NY was hit by a snow storm on Tuesday, 2/16/16, that dumped 20+ inches of snow.

Thursday, 2/18/16

I went out for a short watch yesterday, but was unable to find Beauty or Dot.ca. Earlier in the day, the main camera at the Powers Bldg had captured Dot.ca plowing through the deep snow into the nest box. (12:57 pm).


The only falcons I found were Billie and Seth at Seneca Towers on the west side railings.

Billie and Seth at ST -2-18-16

Here are a few pics I took of the Genesee River below the Broad St Bridge.



Friday, 2/19/16

Now for today’s falcon watch.  It was 41 degrees (F) during my watch.  Much warmer than it has been.

I did check out the Brighton Site, but could find no falcons there.

Downtown, I found Beauty and Dot.ca on the north side of OCSR on the top IBeam.

DC and Beauty on OCSR -2-19-16DC on OCSR -2-19-16Beauty on OCSR -2-19-16

I parked on the Andrews St Bridge where I had a good view of both falcons and the surrounding area.  If they choose to nest on the Powers Bldg, this will be one of our better locations to watch from.

View from the Andrews St Bridge -2-19-16

Dot.ca took off and flew over to the Powers Bldg nest box.  The cameras there did not catch his visit.

Dot.ca at the Powers Nest Box -2-19-16

After a few moments, he flew back to OCSR and landed next to Beauty (right side).

Beauty and DC on OCSR -2-19-16Beauty and DC on OCSR -2-19-16Beauty and DC on OCSR -2-19-16

All was peaceful and quiet downtown, so I headed over to Seneca Towers.  I found both Billie and Seth on the north end window ledge.

Billie and Seth on ST -2-19-16Billie and Seth on ST -2-19-16

I also checked out Medley Ctr and Russell Station, but found no falcons at either location.  The parking lots at Medley Ctr are still a snowy mess.  Tomorrow it will be going up to 50 degrees, so a lot of this snow will start to melt!

3 Responses to “Afternoon Falcon Watches – 4 Falcons Seen! 2/18 & 2/19/16”

  1. Annie Says:

    That is a lot of snow and a great picture of DC – Thanks for the report.

  2. TapperGal Says:

    Thanks Carol.Love the picture of DC at nest box,he is a beauty.All the “watches”were
    interesting and enjoyable to view.

  3. Carol P. Says:

    Annie and Diane, you are both very welcome! 50 degrees today. There will be a lot of melting snow today. 🙂

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