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Saturday Falcon Watch – Beauty and Dot.ca Together! 2/20/16

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

10:00 am – 2:00 pm

50 degrees (F) and sunshine.  It doesn’t get much better than that at this time of year.  It was very windy too.

My first stop was the Brighton Site.  Again, I found no falcons there.

Downtown I found Beauty and Dot.ca on the north side of the OCSR, top Ibeam.

Dot.ca and Beauty on OCSR -2-20-16Dot.ca and Beauty on OCSR -2-20-16

At 10:44 am, Beauty took off heading southeast.  I waited to see if she would return.  When she didn’t, I drove over to the Broad St Bridge.  I arrived just in time to see Beauty flying over clutching a pigeon.  She had a successful hunt.  This is the only picture I got.

Beauty with Pigeon -2-20-16

Beauty headed towards the Times Square Bldg.  I found her on a chimney on Irving Place, which is the old City Hall.  Thanks MAK for the reminder of this building’s modern name.  🙂  Feathers were flying as she prepped her meal.

Beauty on Irving Place -2-20-16Beauty on Irving Place -2-20-16-2-20-16

Beauty on Irving Place -2-20-16Beauty on Irving Place -2-20-16

Like I said earlier, it was very windy.  I believe a gust of wind knocked Beauty off of the chimney.  She flew off clutching her prey and ended up on the northeast corner of the Widows Walk Bldg on the ledge below the railing.  She finished her meal there.

Beauty on WW -2-20-16Beauty on WW -2-20-16Beauty on WW -2-20-16

It took her about an hour (11 am – 12 pm) to finish her meal.  She moved further down on the ledge and cached her leftovers. Beauty now had a very full crop!

Beauty on WW -2-20-16Beauty on WW -2-20-16

At 12:15 pm, Beauty took off, heading towards OCSR.  From the Broad St Bridge, I could see Dot.ca flying over the river in front of the Radisson and then heading back to the north side of OCSR.  That’s where I headed.  From in front of the Radisson, I found both Beauty and Dot.ca back on the top Ibeam on the north side of OCSR.

Beauty and Dot.ca on OCSR -2-20-16Beauty on OCSR -2-20-16Dot.ca on OCSR -2-20-16

All was quiet and peaceful downtown, so that’s where I left them to continue my watch.  As it turned out, I was only able to find Beauty and Dot.ca today.  There were no falcons found at Seneca Towers, Medley Center or Russell Station.

One more thing.  This morning, both Beauty and Dot.ca visited the Times Square Bldg nest box.  There was a lot of ee-chupping by both.  It was great to see them there!  I’ll leave you with some pictures from their visit.



2 Responses to “Saturday Falcon Watch – Beauty and Dot.ca Together! 2/20/16”

  1. Alison in Indiana Says:

    Wow, all that snow still visible on the cameras yesterday morning and NONE today. That was really fast. Good weather for falcons to make baby falcons 🙂

  2. Carol P. Says:

    Oh, yes Alison. For sure. 🙂

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