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An Evening Falcon Watch – 2/14/12

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

It was cloudy and it was drizzling.  Kind of icy, kind of snowy, a little of both.  After work daylight is still at a premium.  I arrived on the Broad St Bridge at 5:30 pm, knowing it would be dark in a 1/2 hr.  There was a Falcon on the Times Square Bldg, at the NE wing.  This is directly above the nest box.  Too bad the cameras don’t go that high.

The Falcon kept looking back towards the north east.  Something definitely had her attention.  Kathy O joined me just before the Falcon took off heading, yep you guessed it, north east.

I kept my binoculars trained on her as she flew past the old Changing Scenes Restaurant and over the Andrews St Bridge.  That’s when the attack began.  But it was no regular target.  This bird was big and dark and non-moving.  This was not a bird at all, but a big plastic Great Horned Owl sitting on top of a building on the north side of the Andrews St. Bridge.  The Watchers are very familiar with it.

As I watched, she stooped 5 or 6 times on the unmoving figure and then gave up and flew east. 

By this time it was dark.  Kathy and I did a quick search and then we both headed home.

No pictures tonite due to the weather and darkness.

The Watchers will continue to attempt to get a positive ID on this Falcon.

7 Responses to “An Evening Falcon Watch – 2/14/12”

  1. nycbyrd Says:

    What if this female is NOT Unity? Where is Unity? What if Unity is also injured and in need of rescue?

  2. Carol P. Says:

    We are continuing to check out both KP and Downtown. That’s all we can do at this time and keep attempting to get an ID on the female that is currently downtown.

  3. Joycie Says:

    LMAO… That’s so funny!! Obviously this falcon has no experience with the rooftops of the city.

  4. margaret Says:

    Are there doubts among the downtown watchers that this new Pefa may NOT be Unity?

  5. Lu Ann Says:

    I feel better knowing the owl didn’t win 😉

  6. MAK Says:

    I, for one have no doubt that this falcon hanging around downtown is Unity! 🙂

  7. Carol P. Says:

    I think we all believe this is Unity, but we have to be very careful. We’ve been wrong before.

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