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Tuesday Fledge Watch – Cooler Temps! 6/21/16

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

Finally, a break in the heat wave that had hit Rochester over this past week. Mid 70’s were very welcome to all the watchers and the falcons.

The juvies spent much of the day on the Times Square bldg and near the nest box. There was some talon tagging and chasing during the day. It was  pretty much uneventful during the late morning hours.

I returned at 6 pm for my evening watch. Talk about good timing. As I was driving down Broad St, passing Irving Place, Beauty flew over me carrying food with three juvies chasing her, screaming. They all landed on the Widow’s Walk (WW). One of the juvie’s grabbed the prey and feathers were soon flying. The 4th juvie flew in and they all ate their fill with Beauty supervising.

I joined my fellow watchers in the hole where we could see all 4 juvies on WW.  At one point, both Beauty and Dot.ca met at the nearby Powers bldg.

There was a lot of flying by all 4 juvies as the sun was setting. Aria landed on the east side ledge on the Times Square bldg above the nest box. She jumped up on the light located there when it turned on. Every time she spread her wings, she looked like an angel, lit up by the white light below her. Just beautiful! It was a wonderful way to end our evening watch.

Watchers today were Dan, Larry, Kathy O, Joyce, Carla, Lisa, Pat, Lynda, Tim, Aaron, Dana, Lou, Jeanne and me Carol P!

Thanks again to Donna and Ei for keeping us informed of the falcons movements throughout the day. Thanks for your help also Annette!

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