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Saturday Falcon Watch – 1/7/17

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

My Saturday falcon watch started out very happy and ended on a very sad note.  It was my intention to do my normal Rochester Falcon headcount last weekend.  I was very happy to find four  of our falcons, Billie or Seth (I couldn’t tell which one) at ST, Beauty and Dot.ca downtown and who I believe was our unbanded female at the BS location.  It was very quiet and peaceful in all those locations.

1-billie-or-seth-at-st-1-7-17<— Billie or Seth at Seneca Towers (ST)

2-beauty-on-cross-rds-1-7-17<— Beauty on Cross Rds. (Downtown Rochester)

3-dc-in-ocsr-elevator-shaft-1-7-17<— Dot.ca in the OCSR elevator shaft. (Downtown Rochester)

5-beauty-on-tsb-1-7-17<— Beauty on the Times Square Bldg’s NE wing ledge. (Downtown Rochester)

4-bs-gal-1-7-17<— I believe this is the unbanded female at the BS location. (Brighton Site)

I started my watch in the Charlotte/Summerville area, checking both sides of the river.  That’s where I always started my falcon watches since we had been seeing Genesee there.  Hoping to see him and his mate.  Sadly we lost him that day.

I have seen many sad things during the years I have been a Rochester Falcon Watcher.  Things I have never spoken to anyone about.  But, there are so many moments of joy while watching these beautiful creatures.  I can’t imagine a world without them.

Fly Free beautiful Genesee.  I will miss you so much. <3


2 Responses to “Saturday Falcon Watch – 1/7/17”

  1. betty Says:

    so sorry for the loss of genesee. a beautiful baby. fly fly free.precious.

  2. Carol P. Says:

    Thanks Betty. It was very hard to find him that way after watching him for so long.

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