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Saturday Falcon Watch Pictures – 1/21/17

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

Just wanted to catch up and share some pictures I took of Beauty and Dot.ca this past Saturday.  They were both out and about, hunting and sharing a meal.  Here are some pictures I took during my watch.  Enjoy!

1-beauty-on-ww-1-21-172-beauty-on-ww-1-21-173-beauty-on-ww-1-21-17<— Beauty hunting off Widows Walk.


7-dc-b-on-mercury-1-21-178-dc-b-on-mercury-1-21-17<— Beauty & Dot.ca sharing a meal on base of Mercury.


11-dc-on-wilder-1-21-1712-dc-on-wilder-1-21-17<— Dot.ca on Wilder Bldg Fire Escape.

Earlier on Saturday, I also saw both Billie and Seth on the west side railing at Seneca Tower.  I was driving by and did not get any pictures.  But, I did see all 4 Rochester resident falcons that day, which made it a very good day!

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