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Sunday Falcon Watch – Beauty & Dot.ca on FCT – 8/27/17

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

I love going out on a quiet Sunday morning to check on our falcons.  I quickly found both Beauty and Dot.ca on the Frontier Communication Tower (FCT).

2-beauty-on-fct-8-27-17<— Beauty on Frontier Comm Twr Top Arm.

1-dotca-on-fct-8-27-171<— Dot.ca on FCT between SW and SE boxes, below platform.

Dot.ca took off while I wasn’t looking.  After checking out the downtown area and not finding any falcons, I parked on the Andrew St Bridge (ASB).  Beauty was now gone from FCT.  But, I could see that there was a falcon on the top Ibeam of OCSR on the north side.  I believe that it was Dot.ca, but couldn’t be 100% sure.

3-dc-on-ocsr-8-27-17<— I think Dot.ca on OCSR.

I again drove around downtown Rochester (NY), but had no luck finding Beauty.  I even looked up into the OCSR elevator shaft.  No falcons there.  All was quiet and peaceful downtown, so I decided to go over to Maplewood Park to check out Seneca Towers.

From Maplewood Park, I could see no falcons on the building.  This was my view from there.

4-view-of-st-from-maplewood-park-8-27-175-view-of-st-from-maplewood-park-8-27-17<— View of Seneca Towers from Maplewood Park.

On my way home, I checked out Kodak Park East and Kodak Park West.  Again no falcons found.

I was happy to have seen both Beauty and Dot.ca during my Sunday morning falcon watch.  Enjoy the day everyone!

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