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Morning Falcon Watch/Meet our BS visitor 9-15-17

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

It was a sunny morning with blue skies and a starting temperature of 59 (F) 15 (C)

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I began my watch at 6:45am in the Northridge Church parking lot at the intersection of St. Paul Street and East Ridge Road.  I could see Seth on the top window ledge at the north end of Seneca Towers. He was very alert and seemingly in hunt mode. A woman was walking her dog and stopped to ask what I was looking at and while I spoke to her, Seth left. I waited a couple minutes for his return to no avail so I headed for downtown.

img_0008-seth-s img_0010-seth-s

While stopped at the traffic light on State St. near the inner loop I spotted Dot.ca (DC) flying to the Frontier Communications Tower (FCT) so I turned right and parked in the City Hall lot. DC was on a cross beam on the north side and then I noticed movement on the east side of FCT where Beauty was perched with her back to me.

img_0014-dc img_0021-beauty img_0023-bdc img_0024-location

The Beautyful one was whining on and off and while she was preening DC flew off and returned to land on the northeast cube. They both look to be in good condition as they near the end of their molt. I observed Beauty as she pulled out one small, white down feather.

img_0028-b-preening img_0030-b img_0035-dc

img_0051-dc-taking-off img_0053-dc img_0057-dc

DC let out a whine of his own before stooping off to the northwest only to return and land on the large drum with nothing to show for his efforts.

img_0060-dc-on-drum img_0061-and-hes-off

He wasn’t there for long when he flew back to the tower landing under the southeast cube. During that time Beauty moved in to a another beam next to where she had been.

img_0062-dc-below-cube img_0064-b img_0065-bdc

I left them preening on the FCT and headed over to the Court St. bridge to check on the scene there. Last time I was on watch I said I would video tape the area behind the Dinosaur Grill where the walkway is being built and surrounding area so make sure to check it out at the end of my report. The Genesee River is very low exposing all the flats where gulls and ducks are enjoying the calm waters. Looking north I spotted a couple cormorants and a Great Blue Heron through the opening below the Broad St. bridge.

img_0073-gulls img_0076-quacker img_0077-mirror-image img_0079-cormorants-and-gbh<Click

Now for the highlight of my watch. I walk watcher, Jeanne’s dog, Bella 3 times a week and since she lives right around the corner, I check the Brighton Site (BS) each time for falcons but I don’t usually have my camera or binoculars. Well today I did have my equipment and when watcher, Larry tweeted that he saw a falcon at BS I went over there post haste. I’ve seen a falcon there the last couple times I checked so I was anxious to get a good look this morning. I’ve determined that this is an adult female based on size and she has no leg bands. She was on the top window of the east extension in the corner where it meets the south extension.


She had her back to me at first and then she acted like she wanted to hop across to the east face window across from her. She spread her wings then turned around and walked along the window ledge. She has a salmon colored upper chest and white above her cere-she appears to be in good condition.


A blue jay and a couple starlings grabbed her attention for minute before she flew across to the opposite window-she went to the shaded side of it and once again showed me her back.

img_0100-bs img_0102-hello img_0104-good-looking-feathers img_0105-see-ya

I left at that point to walk Bella and afterwards I checked Hawkeye, Seneca Towers and the Medley Center mall in Irondequoit with no luck finding any falcons. I ended my watch at 9:45am smiling after a successful watch in which I saw 4 Peregrine Falcons! 🙂

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10 Responses to “Morning Falcon Watch/Meet our BS visitor 9-15-17”

  1. Dot in PA Says:

    The new falcon is a pretty lady! Hope she doesn’t bother Beauty.

  2. MAK Says:

    Dot, I don’t think we need to worry about Beauty. We had a winter visitor last year without incident. That being said, we can only hope that DC stays away-you know how he loves the ladies! Teehee!! 🙂

  3. Joyce Says:

    Yesterday I thought this peregrine looked like a female too. Based on your pics MAK she looks like a young female based on edge of the tail feathers and the combination of brownish gray feathers.

  4. MAK Says:

    I agree Joyce-the first time I saw her (she had her back to me) I couldn’t make up my mind if she was a juvie or adult because with my naked eye (I had no equipment with me) she looked like she was brown. Definitely not the female that was there last winter. 🙂

  5. TapperGal Says:

    Most interesting “watch”today and enjoyed seeing the falcons as usual.Appreciate your efforts MAK.

  6. WLABarb Says:

    Your newest visitor is quite the looker. She made some of those adorable head movements that reminded me of a youngster. It’s interesting how PEFAs seem to find their way to B.S. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Dot.ca frequenting the venue.
    It will also be interesting to see the finished project downtown. Hopefully there will be a good return on investment financially, aesthetically and in the visiting population.
    Thanks for your report, MAK. Glad you got in a good PEFA fix! ;^)

  7. MAK Says:

    Thanks Diane-it’s always good to hear from you! Hope all is well. 🙂

  8. MAK Says:

    Barb, it doesn’t surprise me since the Brighton site building is so large and away from any other tallish buildings. Like Seneca Towers it sticks out like a sore thumb! lol Thanks for commenting my friend! 🙂

  9. BETTY Says:

    what could i say Mak. again the amazing pics you put so much into your watch you also have a lot to say. very intresting. i can’t wait until the walkway is complete. i took a ride through downtown the other day and i couldn’t beleive it so many changes. your reports mean a lot me as i;m sure others too. thanks*

  10. MAK Says:

    Well you’re most welcome Betty! And thank you for your nice comment, I appreciate it!!! 🙂

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