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Three Rochester Falcons Seen and Lower Humidity! – 5/30/12

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

Date : 5/30/12 (Wednesday)
Time: 4:00 pm to 7:45 pm
Weather: A beautiful day! Sun, a few clouds, a little bit of a breeze and temps in the 70’s. Humidity way down!
Watcher: Larry O, Dan S & Carol P.
Places: Downtown Rochester (Times Square Nestsite) (TS)
Peregrines Seen: Beauty (at TSB), Dot.ca (at TSB) & Pigott (at BS)
Beauty = B
Dot.ca = DC
Pigott = P (the female falcon formerly known as SA or Sub Adult at BS Location)
Times Square Bldg = TSB
Brighton Site = BS
Broad St Bridge = BSB
Baush & Lomb Bldg = B&L Bldg
Old Changing Scenes Restaurant = OCSR

Another successful late afternoon/evening Falcon Watch with all three Rochester Falcons seen. Love when that happens. I would have liked to see #4 over at KP, but no luck.

My usual route after work seems to take me to the BS location to check on Pigott first. Since other Watchers and the cameras see Beauty and Dot.ca most of the day, I like to put my mind at ease that she is ok. Today I found her on the front (north) side of the building. She was on a windowsill in front of a boarded up window. But, she wasn’t there for long. Pigott took off and circled above me, so graceful. She flew back towards the building and landed on a corner on the north side near the scrape. She was almost directly above me and she vocalized just a little bit. I looked around almost expecting to see Dot.ca fly in, but he was nowhere in sight. She settle down and started to preen.

I stayed with Pigott for a little while before deciding to head downtown. I was happy to see her looking so well.

Next stop downtown Rochester. My on-line Watchers today were Kathy O, Donna, Ei, Joyce and NT aka NCAFalcons. Thanks everyone! Like I said in my tweet, with all of you letting me know what’s going on at the nest box, there’s no need for me to get a smart phone! lol When I ask a question like “is Beauty in the nest box?”, I get a text back almost immediately! “Yes, she is!” I love it. This was such a problem for us in the old days of watching Mariah and Kaver and their young. We had a really hard time knowing what was going on at and in the nest box, from below. Our biggest improvement was to add radios to the watch so we could call each other, instead of yelling! Now look at us! Thanks to all of you that are helping out.

So, I arrive downtown and find out that Beauty is on the eggs and D.C. is on the nest box platform. After parking my car on the Broad St Bridge, I look up to see that D.C. is gone from the NB platform and is now on the base of the SE wing of the TSB above. A text comes through that Beauty is sleeping in the nest box. A true Sleeping Beauty!

At 5:10 pm, D.C. takes off and does not return until 6:40 pm, when I spot him up on Camera 4, with Beauty still in the nest box.

In between, at 5:20 pm, I had driven over to the Andrew St Bridge to check out the other spots they like to visit. Nothing. Back to the BSB, where I am joined by Larry O. We checked out the area for D.C. No luck finding him.

Larry had to leave just before Dot.ca showed up on Camera #4 at 6:40 pm. He texted me that Dan S was out on the bridge. So, I took a few pics of D.C. and then headed up to join Dan for a short while. During that time, D.C. entered the nest box and Beauty left. Shift change!

At 7:20 pm, I left Dan on the BSB. He wanted me to say hi to everyone for him. He does not have a computer, so he never gets to check out what’s going on at the Rfalconcam site.

My last check on my way home was Kodak Park. I checked out the area but had no luck finding the sub-adult Peregrine I saw there last Friday. I will definitely keep checking.

It was another successful Falcon Watch with all three Rochester Falcons seen. Remember to keep your eyes to the sky! There is all kinds of neat stuff going on up there!

4 Responses to “Three Rochester Falcons Seen and Lower Humidity! – 5/30/12”

  1. Bob P Says:

    I really enjoy everyone’s observations and reports but am completely lost as to who’s on first second etc.: where are the boxes/nests, who’s in each one, who’s eggs are who’s, who are the parents, who are the singles, if known where do they normally reside etc., etc.
    Please keep the reports coming especially as eggs begin to hatch.
    Thanks again for your great work.
    Bob P.

  2. MAK Says:

    Bob, the nest box for Beauty and Dot.Ca has 3 eggs-2 of them are theirs and the other is an old one from Unity who died and her mate Archer who was injured and disappeared. It is located on the Times Square building in downtown Rochester,NY. Dot.Ca has another mate named Pigott that resides at a location in Brighton,NY. We don’t know if they have eggs there as we can’t see into the place where we believe might be their nest site. You can go to Imprints which is listed under blogs same as these watch reports and read all about our Rochester falcons -past and present. 🙂

  3. Amy V. Says:

    Just wondered if D.Ca has been seen much at BS with Pigott now that he is taking his egg-sitting and family obligations with Beauty more seriously…If P was mature enough, I would have thought by now there would be eggs there. And apparently there are not?

  4. Carol P. Says:

    @Amy – The Watchers haven’t seen Dot.ca over at the BS location as often as they did in the beginning. So we’re not quite sure how many times he visits. Jeanne did leave a tweet tonite that there were two there at BS, so we can only assume that it was D.C. visiting with Pigott. As to whether there were eggs? There is no way of knowing. She just may have been to young this year. Now that Beauty has laid eggs, D.C. is spending more time at the TSB building help Beauty care for the eggs.

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