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Falcon watch 5-31-12

By Rochester falcon watcher MAK

I got picked up just before 9:00am by fellow falcon watcher Lynda. We headed downtown straight away. Dot.Ca(DC) was on the eggs when I left the house so I assumed he was still there when we arrived on the Broad St. bridge. We checked around for Beauty to no avail so I suggested we go to the Brighton site(BS) as I don’t get there often and check for Pigott. She wasn’t around when we first arrived and when I got a tweet that DC was relieved by Beauty at the nest box I thought we should wait and see if  he showed up. I’ve been wondering if he is spending much time with Pigott lately since he spends so much time downtown. After taking another ride around the building I spotted Pigott on the west end of the vent that is located on the south (back)side of the building.

img_5533-pigott img_5538-p

She was leisurely preening and no doubt enjoying the cooler temperatures that arrived last nite after the heat of the last week. We watched her for a little over a half hour when Lynda caught sight of a Red-tailed Hawk flying in from the southeast. Pigott spotted it too and after taking a quick look she started squawking and took off after it. She thumped it a couple times above the building and chased it around the building twice before escorting it to the north and out of the area. She then returned to the vent and came to rest on the same spot as she was before the altercation with Mr. RTH!


I got a tweet that DC was back on the eggs so he obviously wasn’t going to be showing up at BS so we decided to go back to downtown and see if we could find the Beautyful one. We stopped to get a slice of pizza for lunch on the way and parked in front of the Blue Cross Arena on Exchange St. where we were facing the Times Square building and could also see the Crossroads and Wilder buildings. Just as we finished up with our meal Lynda noticed a falcon flying above the Crossroads building. We watched it circle the area above the Powers building and fly west out of sight. Thinking it was Beauty I suggested we drive over to the Frontier Communications Tower since that’s the general direction she flew. She wasn’t there and after checking Kodak Office we left to go back to the Times Square area. On the way I got a call from DebbieH asking if I was around as she was on her lunch break and wanted to join me. We met her by the Broad St. side of the Blue Cross Arena where we saw Beauty up next to the main cam.


Deb and Lynda were meeting for the first time and we were joking about how there’s usually a stand down when Beauty wants DC off the eggs. That boy loves incubation duties and I can’t wait to see how he is with his babies. Lynda has a smart phone and brought up the livestream so we could watch as Beauty hopped over to perch on the deck and stare at DC as he looked away. He eventually gave in and left the scrape flying above the Times Square building circling it twice and landing under the southeast wing.


He preened for a bit and then flaired out his tail before flying off to the southwest seemingly going into a stoop before we lost him behind the Democrat&Chronicle and jail.


Debbie had to get back to work and it was almost time for Lynda to be leaving for home so she said we could go to BS one more time to see if DC went there. It was an unsuccessful trip for neither he nor Pigott were there. I had a great time with Lynda as I always do and we were both smiling as we ended our watch, for not only had we seen all 3 of our Rochester Peregrine Falcons but we had seen all 3 fly as well! 🙂

For a few more pics of todays watch click on the link below


6 Responses to “Falcon watch 5-31-12”

  1. Freda Says:

    Great job, wish I could find time to join you sometime. I have little time off now, so I just keep track of yougreat watchers, and the eggs. Looking forward to seeing babies soon.

  2. margaret Says:

    Me too! I wish I could be there too. We all live vicariously thorough your reports and the pictures! The babies are late this year so maybe, just maybe, after June 22, I can make some time to be down there too! In the meantime, thank you for wonderful reports. So jealous!

  3. Ginny Says:

    Thank you for the great report and the pics! Pigott is so cute too and it is so good to see Beauty so content and happy ready to be a little Mom again.

  4. MAK Says:

    I wish everyone could be there right along with me watching our falcons! Thankfully I can bring y’all along through my reports and I’m very happy to do it! 🙂

  5. Joyce Says:

    Pigott’s plumage is starting look more adult like.

  6. Beth Says:

    It’s good to see Pigott’s just as feisty as her Mama! Madame X doesn’t like hawks either and always gives chase. It’s nice to know Pigott’s doing well after her rough start in learning to fly last year.

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