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Fledge Watch (06/20/20)

Larry OHeron ( 06:00 – 08:00 am)

Highlight: Hunt by DC and Roc over the TSB Parking Lot

06:20. Court Street Promenade Falcon watch. No falcons so far this morning.

06:36. Had two falcons on Powers, one on North rail, one on West rail. While tweeting this message, one is no longer visible

06:43. One falcon on Powers camera. One falcon on Northwest wing Ring.

06:44. Check that. Falcon just flew off be wing ring. Now a Falcon is just landed on the southwest wing ring.

07:24. High falls Falcon watch. Both adults. Beauty is on powers. DC is on times square wing ring.

07:35. TSB Parking Lot. Just pulled into the parking lot to see one of the falcons chasing a pigeon. Missed. One of the falcons almost ran into the building on the west side of the parking lot. A juvie was helping dad. It was Roc. I’d say – incorrectly – that DC almost ran into the County Leg building, but I think he was attempting to corner a pigeon against the building. At the very last, DC put the brakes on hard for a dramatic run at the building with the pigeon in between. Amazing attack.

07:37. Dad landed on old City Hall. Juvie flew around the corner up Irving Street. Both are not visible now.

Here are some pictures from High Falls

One Response to “Fledge Watch (06/20/20)”

  1. Joyce Says:

    Larry, what a hunt chase…miss that thrill. Thanks for the scenic pics. Always nice to see Rochester through someone else’s eyes.

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