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Falcon Watch – 7/12/21

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

Needless to say, my heart was broken when I got the call to pick up Freyja. We’ve had our share of sadness over the years, but this one really hit me hard. Fly Free Beautiful Freyja. I will miss you, always.

Flowers for Freyja from Linda Who Named Her

For the last week, many of the Rochester Falcon Watchers have been visiting downtown Rochester and the ST location to keep an eye on our young falcons. Golden is getting a lot of attention from both Beauty and Dot.ca. His training is going extremely well. I’ve seen him chase pigeons, kestrels and Great Blue Herons. Nothing is safe from him. As for the ST juvies, there are three of them, two girls and a boy, they too are doing really well.

There is such a difference in what we see at both locations. Downtown, Golden is more of a loner, having no siblings to play with, he hangs out with Beauty and Dot.ca. While the ST juvies are usually playing with and chasing each other, with Billie & Beau watching form nearby.

I really wanted to share some of my favorite pictures from the past week of so. Hope you enjoy!

7/3/21 – Golden on FCT
7/3/21 – Golden on City Place After Being Fed by Beauty
7/3/21 – Golden on Widows Walk (Old City Hall)
Checking out the pigeons that nest there.
7/5/21 – Golden on Wilder
7/7/21 – Beauty and Dot.ca on RG&E Bldg
Keeping a close eye on Golden who is eating on a near-by building, after a successful food transfer from Beauty.
7/8/21 – ST Girls Just Want to Have Fun!
Billie & Beau’s Have Two Girls. The Boy Came in a Little Later.
All Three were playing in the river gorge on the trees near the river. So much fun to watch!
This brings back such wonderful memories of watching Mariah & Kaver’s young ones flying in the gorge at High Falls!
7/8/21 – The ST Girls on a Tree in the Gorge
7/8/21 – The ST Girls in a Tree
7/11/21 – Golden on the RG&E Sign, Downtown, Rochester, NY
7/11/21 – Golden on the RG&E Sign, Downtown, Rochester, NY
Of Course Golden would choose the green leaf, to match the green tape on his band!
7/11/21 – Golden on the RG&E Sign, Downtown, Rochester, NY
7/11/21 – Golden on the RG&E Sign, Downtown, Rochester, NY
7/11/21 – Billie at ST
I was able to verify Billie’s band #’s. We always try to check the band #’s, just to make sure.

8 Responses to “Falcon Watch – 7/12/21”

  1. Alison in Indiana Says:

    I always enjoy your pictures, today especially Beauty and Dot.ca on RG&E Bldg and the series of the ST girls in the trees. Nostalgia pure.

  2. Joyce Says:

    💚😍💚 Green hearts for Golden.

  3. patsy6 Says:

    Such wonderful pictures and a lovely remembrance, Carol. Wouldn’t it be great if Golden and the ST juvies would meet at High Falls and play? And have nobody get hurt?

  4. Lynne Heroux Says:

    So happy to see falcons in the gorge again!!!

  5. Linda K King Says:

    I want to thank all the watchers who looked for Freyja when she couldn’t be found twice & then again when she went missing. And I want thank Dana & Carol who took her to the DEC after she was found. Losing her such a short time after her fledge broke my heart. I would like to share the poem I wrote for her.

    To Freyja
    I dreamt of you long before your hatch.
    The name I chose for you befitting of a peregrine.
    A Norse goddess wearing a cloak of falcon feathers.
    As I watched you grow I nervously awaited your time to fly wild and free.
    To soar the skies above the city your parents rule.
    But it was not meant to be.
    Fate somehow interrupted your destiny.
    And your short life was no more.
    And now as I watch your brother Golden learn the way of the falcon.
    My eyes leak and my heart breaks at the thought of what might have been.
    But I will never forget you.
    Fly free my precious girl.
    All my Love,

  6. Carol P Says:

    Thanks everyone. That is such a lovely poem Linda. Thank you for sharing. ♥️🌹

  7. Karen Says:

    Beautiful poem, Linda – Freyja has always been one of my favorite Norse names. And wonderful pictures, Carol. I especially liked the ones in the gorge – wonderful memories and like the montage photo that Falkenn Martinez did so long ago (which I have).

  8. Carol P Says:

    Thank you Karen. I just love seeing them there. 🙂

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