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Falcon Watch Report – 7/29/22

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

It was a beautiful morning for a falcon watch. It was just too bad we couldn’t find a falcon. Dana and I searched everywhere. After driving all over and not finding a falcon, we decided it was time to head over to the pedestrian bridge at High Falls (HF). To the gorge!

I really miss watching from there. There are so many good memories of Mariah, Kaver and their young ones flying through the gorge and in front of the falls.

From the pedestrian bridge (Pont de Rennes Bridge), we had a great view of the downtown area. Dana spotted an adult on Powers and I saw it fly to the jail communication tower. From where we were, it was way too far to positively ID. Larry and Gimli joined us.

An adult Red-tail Hawk was flying up and down the east side gorge wall, landing in different trees. We could also see two, what we assumed to be, juvie Red-tail Hawks on a light at Frontier Field.

Dana yelled “falcon”! There was an adult falcon flying past the Frontier Communication Tower, towards Kodak. The falcon stooped towards the river and continued north and out of sight. Well, that was exciting!

Larry headed out and Dana and I watched the Red-tail Hawk floating over the river. So graceful! All of a sudden the Hawk let out a very loud RTH screech! (Not to be confused with a fake Bald Eagle cry that you hear in the movies.)

The Hawk cried out and headed straight towards us, the sun behind it. That’s when we saw what caused its agitation. Out of the sun, a large, adult Peregrine Falcon stooped directly on the Hawk, hitting it right in front of us!

The Hawk quickly flew out of the area and the Peregrine headed south towards downtown. Well, that was awesome!

I saw Larry heading back our way, saying “Did I just see what I thought I did?” Hahaha!

After Larry really left, lol, we spotted a falcon eating on the old Radisson. Time to head back to Court St for a closer look. I took some pics and I’m pretty sure it was Blaze.

Now, if only Kanfai Malachim and Blaze would find the gorge!

It was time to end our morning watch.

Here are a few pics of pics of the morning watch.

Picture from my phone of the High Falls and Genesee River Gorge
Adult Peregrine Falcon Fly Fast Heading North Over the Gorge
Pretty Sure This Was Blaze Eating on the Old Radisson

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