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Falcon Watch Report – 7/30/22

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

Today our juvies took their watchers to Kodak Office. But when I first got there, both juvies flew up to the Powers Bldg screaming. One landed and one continued on. By the time I drove over to the Andrews St. Bridge and parked, both were on the north side of the Cross Roads Bldg. At first I reported it as an adult and a juvie, but after checking my pics it was both juvies.

Both flew over to the old Radisson, lots of talon tagging and vocalizing. They both flew low over the trees along the river where I lost sight of them. I drove over to Bragdon for a closer look, but could not find them. Larry and Gimli joined me and we both checked out the area.

Dana and Kathy were over on Main St, at the Convention Center, so we joined them. Dana had seen the juvies talon tagging near the Radisson and saw one land on the east side of Cross Rds with a small morsel of food. By the time Larry and I joined Dana and Kathy, there were no falcons in view. It was a long time before we saw another falcon.

Just as Lisa joined us, we saw a falcon heading north and landing on the NE corner of the netting on Kodak Office. We saw there was also a 2nd falcon lower on the building on the SW corner. Time to head to Kodak!

When we arrived at Kodak, we saw two falcons flying around the top of the tower and out of view. There are security cameras on the corner of the building just north of the tower. I noticed a falcon sitting there. It was Blaze.

He sat there, intently watching a bee buzzing around him. Then Kanfai Malachim flew in and they were both off, flying together and talon tagging over the Kodak buildings. This brought back such good memories.

They both left the area, so we ended up driving around. Dana did see an adult and a juvie on Wilder while driving around. We gathered on the Court St Bridge before ending our watch.

Here are some pics of pics from today’s falcon watch.

Kanfai Malachim and Blaze Talon Tagging at the Old Radisson
Blaze on Top of Security Cameras at Kodak Office
These probably look familiar!
Hello Blaze!

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