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Falcon Watch Report – 8/2/22


By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

Today’s falcon watch was located on the Court St Bridge with watchers Kathy O, Dana, Larry O and Carol P.

The watch started with one juvie falcon on the south end of the Cross Rds Bldg. It ended with lots of flying around downtown by this juvie, that we were never able to positively ID. Judging by size, this juvie was probably Blaze.

We saw a lot of flying, but never more than one falcon at a time. So, no way to tell if we had more than the one falcon or not.

Here are some pics of pics (can’t wait until I can go through my pictures and videos!). Enjoy these flying falcon pictures from downtown and ? Enjoy!

Plus a couple of really good memories!

One Response to “Falcon Watch Report – 8/2/22”

  1. patsy6 Says:

    OMG that last photo is precious. The fearsome threesome!

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