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Behavior of Our Red Banded Visitor 8/3/22

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P

Collage of Pics by Dana

During our morning watch yesterday, we actually did see our red banded visitor (Red) a 2nd time during our morning watch. After Dana went through her pictures, she saw that it was Red that flew up to the NE wing ledge after an adult (Nova) took food up there.

Kathy, Dana and I were on the Court St Bridge when a juvie flew over heading towards the Times Square Bldg. The juvie landed on the NE wing ledge and came face to face with the adult that was already up there. The adult stood its ground and the juvie flew off without the food.

In Dana’s pictures, you can clearly see the red band on the juvie. Nova was not willing to give up the food. So the visiting Red was interacting with our downtown Rochester family.

The behavior we see while watching the Peregrine Falcons is always fascinating!

I hope we see Red again and positively ID him/her. Be safe Red!!!!

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