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Falcon Watch Report – 8/8/22

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

Please say a prayer FOR A FRIEND

Morning Watchers: Larry O, Dana and Carol P.

I was going to take a day off, but just couldn’t do it. I’m glad I didn’t because I would have missed some really nice flying by our falcons. All four were seen today.

When I first arrived on the Court St Bridge, there was a juvie on the Old Radisson. The juvie took off and now there were two, talon tagging and having a good time. After awhile, both landed on the Old Radisson and both had food. Not sure where they got the food, but they were both busy eating their breakfast.

Larry O arrived with Gimli. He told me that there was an adult on the Times Square Bldg nest box platform. So maybe there was a food transfer I missed.

Kanfai Malachim and Blaze Flying and Talon Tagging Over
the Old Radisson
Kanfai Malachim and Blaze Both Eating Breakfast
on the Old Radisson
I Believe This is Nova at the
Times Square Bldg Nest Box

Things were quiet for awhile, before the juvies left the Old Radisson, heading west. The adult, I believe was Nova, also took off from the Times Square Bldg. On the way over to the Frontier Communication Tower, I heard the juvies flying overhead vocalizing quite loudly. Dana had joined the watch and reported that one juvie had landed on Widows Walk with an adult. The adult left.

From my view of Widows Walk from Fitzhugh St I could only see a little bit of the juvie. Another juvie flew in and landed on the NW lower corner of Widows Walk scattering 30+ pigeons that had been roosting there. It was Blaze, and Kanfai Malachim was jumping down from the railing to join Blaze on the corner.

Blaze Landed on the Corner of the Widows Walk
Scaring a Bunch of Pigeons Into Flight and Mantling
Kanfai Malachim Looking Down at Blaze
Before Joining Him
Kanfai Malachim (left), Blaze (right)
on Widows Walk

They both took off and the air was filled with the loud vocalizations of two playful young falcons. I believe at least one of the adults was joining in on the fun.

Dana found Blaze, Kanfai Malachim and an adult on the Jail Communication Tower. After they all left, we ended our morning watch.

It was so nice seeing them all together again!

One Response to “Falcon Watch Report – 8/8/22”

  1. Carolyn Lukaszewski Says:

    I love going on a watch not expecting to see much but the juvies surprise us.

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