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Falcon Watch Report – 8/9/22

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

Please continue to PRAY FOR A FRIEND

Watchers: Larry O, Dana and Carol P.

This morning was very cool, almost cold. Dana and I were wearing hoodies. Larry O had a towel wrapped around his shoulders. lol

It was a quiet watch. The highlight of my watch happened when I was parked on the Andrews Street Bridge. A juvie was on top of the OCSR Elevator Shaft. The juvie was too far away to get an ID.

After a few moments, the juvie spread its wings and took off, dropping down the face of the building. Fast! So fast, I actually lost sight of it. When the gulls low on the river started screaming, I knew the juvie was close, really close.

Right in front of me, the juvie raced across the river, chasing the gulls and a couple pigeons. Next, the juvie zipped over the Andrews St Bridge, heading north. I quickly lost sight of it. Well, that was fun! Of course I got no pictures or videos. I just watched and enjoyed. I would not be surprised if both Kanfai Malachim and Blaze have had a successful hunt.

We did check the High Falls area just in case. The only thing of note that we saw was a juvie Bald Eagle heading south.

The rest of the watch was pretty quiet.

Here are a few pics of pics from today’s watch.

Juvie that was practicing hunting over the river
Adult on Times Square Bldg Nest Box Platform
Adult on Times Square Bldg Nest Box Platform
Falcon on Old Radisson
One of Billie and Beau’s Juvies This Morning

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