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Falcon Watch Report -8/11/22

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

Please continue to say a prayer FOR A FRIEND.

Watchers: Kathy O, Larry O and Carol P.

The kids were back! Woohoo!

Yesterday, we only had Nova and Neander. Nova had food for her young ones, she called for them, but had no takers.

Today, it was all about Kanfai Malachim and Blaze. They were back under the watchful eye of one of the adults, who was watching them from the north side of OCSR.

When I first arrived, both juvies were on top of the old Radisson. Kathy and Larry with Gimli joined me on the Court St Bridge. Both juvies took off and flew low over the river. One came back and landed on the old Radisson clutching something small. This was probably a successful hunt! Although we did not see the actual catch. The juvie was enjoying its breakfast when the 2nd juvie landed nearby. This one had food too. All I can say is that they both came back with prey. lol Blaze and Kanfai Malachim both enjoyed their meals.

Blaze & Kanfai Malachim on the Old Radisson
Kanfai Malachim and Blaze Enjoying Their Meals

After finishing their meals, both juvies took off. They joined each other in a game of talon tagging and flying over the river. We saw a hawk flying towards us over the river. One of the juvies stooped on it and the hawk quickly moved out of the area. Blaze flew towards OCSR and it looked like he landed on top of the disk. We lost sight of Kanfai Malachim.

Larry drove over to the Andrews Street Bridge and reported that both juvies were back on the west side of the Old Radisson and there was an adult on the north side of OCSR top Ibeam.

Kathy and I headed over to the Andrews Street Bridge. When we go there, we could only see one juvie and it was Kanfai Malachim. Blaze had taken off and landed on top of OCSR. It wasn’t long before Kanfai Malachim joined him.

Kanfai Malachim on the Old Radisson
Blaze Flying Over the River

It was quiet now, so we ended our morning watch. I loved seeing Kanfai Malachim and Blaze together again!

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