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Fledge Watch- Day 7 – 6/14/24

Walker Fledges!

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

Morning/Early Afternoon Watchers: Dana, Carol P, Kathy O, Shaky and Larry O.

Afternoon/Evening Watchers: Pat, Carla and Joyce.

Camera Crew/Monitors: Eileen, Shaky and Annette.

Walker, our last eyas, fledged early this morning! Dana and I had arrived just in time to see his first flight.

Walker’s Fledge Flight. He did great! He took off from the north end of the nest box wall. Swung around to the south and back towards the TSB. He made it to about 1/2 way up the face of the bldg under the NE wing ledge. At first I thought he might cling to the small ledge there, but he couldn’t quite hang on. He slid very gracefully down to the parapet level & out of sight. Soon he showed himself & received a meal from Nova. Meng then joined him for an afternoon nap. That’s where he remained until we ended our watch at 1:00 pm.

There was a lot of really good flying by Mighty and Justice. Meng mostly stayed by Walkers side. Lots of talon tagging between Mighty, Justice and the 2 adults. Justice just loves chasing Nova all over! This is such a close group!

The afternoon/evening watchers have been reporting flying by Mighty, Justice and Meng, including talon tagging! Walker has moved down one level on the Times Square Bldg. He is now on the level above the nest box and he’s been seen playing on what we call the jungle gym on the back of the TSB.

I’m really happy that they have all fledged now. Now the watchers will keep an eye on them as they strengthen their flight skills!

One Response to “Fledge Watch- Day 7 – 6/14/24”

  1. Alison in Indiana Says:

    Fledge Watch went so well that there was not much excitement to report here. Good flying, no rescues. Kudos all around. And thanks for the many lovely pictures on the Streaming page and in the Forum.

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