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My First Fledge Watch of 2012 – 7/23/12

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

I guess I’ll consider this my first fledge watch, since it’s getting close to that time our little guy Orion will take flight and we did have our Fledge Watch meeting this past weekend.

Big thunderboomers coming in, so I have to hurry.

I was downtown from 6:45 to 8:45 pm and I was joined during that time by Willie, Kathy O and Larry O.

We saw Beauty and Dot.ca attempt to hunt tonite.  Dot.ca just missed catching a starling right over us.

There was a lot of flying by the adults and we were able to see Orion at the front of the nest box platform many times.  We could also hear him crying very loudly from where we stood at Falcon Central on Broad St.

No fledge tonite, thank goodness!

I’ve put together an album of pictures and more of a report of what happened on Shutterfly.  Take a look if you get a chance.  No sign on needed.



Here’s one picture from the album.

Beauty and Orion at the Nest Box 7/23/12

6 Responses to “My First Fledge Watch of 2012 – 7/23/12”

  1. paule milette Says:

    I’m scared… What will happen if Orion does not get feed by Dot.ca or Beauty. Will you feed him ?

  2. paule milette Says:

    Does someone knows how long Orion can survive without food ?

  3. BC Says:

    Don’t panic paule, Beauty is a good mother. He hasn’t been without food that long. Just not having any luck with the hunting. Could be the weather.

  4. Paule Milette Says:

    thanks… been out for a while… have Orion got food since this afternoon ?

  5. Paule Milette Says:

    Sorry, just read the report of today July 24… He’s fed now… Feel bette !

  6. Carol P. Says:

    Paule – Orion has been fed well today. Both D.C. and Beauty have been attending to him and staying close to the nest site. No fears. 🙂

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