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Falcon Watch 03/31/10 (Lunchtime)

By Larry O’Heron
Pulled up on the Broad St bridge with another 6″ meatball sub, but today in tie and nice clothes. I need to eat something that is less messy.
Anyway, Beauty was at the box with Archer nowhere to be seen. Eventually Beauty flew low over Exchange towards the Wilder Bldg. I lost sight of her, and did not see her reappear.
However Archer (several minutes) later came out from that direction and went to OCSR.
It was after that when Beauty soared high overhead, slowly drifting and meandering off to the northwest. Watching her, I did not see Archer take off.
Jim P showed up and we chatted for awhile on a very nice day, standing over the turbulent spring waters of the Genesee River. Soon enough it was time to return to work.

4 Responses to “Falcon Watch 03/31/10 (Lunchtime)”

  1. chrissy Says:

    Could they have another nest on the Wilder building?

  2. Birdlover Says:

    They have been feeding on the old City Hall Building, and they were both up in the belfry of the church on Fitzhugh and Broad. The “feather” remnants are evidenced on the walkways.

  3. Jim Says:

    @chrissy – Maybe on the roof, out of sight, but I have yet to see either A or B fly up to the roof. Usually they perch on one of the ledges near the top floors.

  4. Tabithapop Says:

    Love your reports, but what/where is OCSR? Thanks.

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