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Falcon Fledge Watch – No Fledge This Weekend – 7/29/12

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

Well, so far no fledge yet by Orion, but he is getting closer and closer. He has graduated from nesting to ledging. Next Fledging! These are the same steps that Jemison and Callidora took in 2010. Orion is following in their big yellow footsteps.

Many Watchers were out this weekend for hours, from dawn to dusk, wanting to be there for Orion when he fledged. We will continue to be there for him.

Rochester Watchers out this weekend included Dan S, Jeanne, Joyce, Brian H, MAK, Dana, Lou, Kathy O, Larry O, Marcia, Shaky, Carrie, Linda, Pat, and Carol P. If I forgot someone, I apologize.

You gals, guys are the best. The weather has been brutal, especially during the afternoon hours when there is no shade in sight. Today there were 4 of us lined up in a small couple foot wide strip of shade up against a wall. Other times, we’ve resorted to umbrellas. Sunscreen, hats and lots of water are a must.

This morning, we were all thrilled to watch Orion make his way out onto the well wall, all the way to the north end. He doesn’t walk slowly, he speeds over that wall, wings out, feet sometimes not touching the hard surface below him. He continues to strengthen his wings and all the muscles he will need for that first flight. Flap, flap, flap, flap! Faster and faster and feet lifting off the ground and a soft breeze lifts under his wings and …….flight! Wings continue to beat, up, down, up down, free! Beauty and Dot.ca will probably join Orion on his first flight. They may try to guide him, as Beauty guided Jemison back towards the TSB when he attempted to fly too far over the river. His parents will be there for him. They are always close.

As nervous as these first flights are for us to watch, I never tire of seeing them. They are amazing.

Tomorrow is another warm day. Will this be the day he fledges? If so, we will be there just in case he needs our help.

You can bet that all the Rochester Watchers that gather downtown tomorrow will be keeping their eyes to the sky!

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