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Falcon Fledge Watch (8:00 am to 8:15 pm) – & the Wait Continues – 7/30/12

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

Waiting is ok with me.  The longer Orion takes to fledge, the stronger he will be.  I’ll let others cover what happened during the day.  We had some excitement which I’ll let others report about .  It was a very long, very warm day spent with my Watcher friends and so many visits by folks just walking through, wondering what we were doing.

I was very happy to see Kris G and her husband Bill, who spent a few hours with MAK and I this morning.

From 4:00 pm to 8:15 pm, not much happened.  Just a bit of flying by Beauty and Dot.ca.  Orion seemed to be tuckered out and laying low at the nest box area.  Although he did do his share of flapping and doing short flights over the well wall and back to the nest box.  He is definitely getting stronger every day and will soon fledge.

Today, it seemed that he was getting a lot of food from his parents.  He is definitely mostly eating on his own and needs no help.  Although Dot.ca continues to feed him beak to beak when he can.  🙂

By the end of the evening, many of us decided to call it a night.  I received a tweet that after I left, more food was dropped at the nest box for Orion.  They weren’t sure if the dropper was Beauty or Dot.ca.

Tomorrow is another day and maybe Orion will take that step off the wall to the rest of his life.

Watchers while I was on Fledge Watch today: Kris G, Bill, MAK, Kathy O, Brian H, Susan C, Jeanne, Joyce, Larry O, Carrie, Shaky, Marcia, Aaron, Pat, Debbie H and me, Carol P.  Hope that’s everyone!

Tomorrow we’ll be back on the job, keeping our eyes to the sky in hope of seeing Orion’s first flight!  Be safe and strong when you fledge Orion!

One Response to “Falcon Fledge Watch (8:00 am to 8:15 pm) – & the Wait Continues – 7/30/12”

  1. Barb W in L.A. Says:

    Carol, All of you dedicated Fledge Watchers must be exhausted! It sounds as though you’ve taken vacation days from work to do the all-day watches? Good point about Orion building his strength for the fledging. We’re probably all somewhat ambivalent, as that will indeed be a bittersweet day. Thank you for your report.

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