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Morning watch 9-28-12

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

It was a dark and dreary morning in our fair city. When I arrived on the Broad St. bridge I could see no falcons, so I proceeded to the east side of the river. I found the distinct profile of a Peregrine on the northwest corner of  HSBC in the darkness.


After the sky started to lighten up as the sun came up behind all the cloud cover I could see the dark chest of Beauty and she was eating her breakfast.


I could see that her crop was pretty full so I knew she was finishing her meal. She turned around showing me her back and pooped. lol This meant that she was lightening her load to take off soon and poof there she went!

img_2238-b-getting-ready-to-leave-hsbc img_2239-there-she-goes

Beauty was flying west toward the river and as I made my way back to the bridge Shaky tweeted that she was next to the main cam. She didn’t stay long enough for me to get there and as I was getting coffee at Tim Hortons on Main St. Shaky tweeted a falcon on the Frontier Communications Tower. I walked over to City Hall and had a look see but couldn’t find it. I then checked the north(back) side of OCSR on my way back to the Times Square area. I decided to walk down to Court St. and check the jail tower and bingo I spotted a falcon on the north side near the 2nd arm.


After climbing the 3 sets of stairs to the new park by the Hall of Justice I found a sleeping Beauty and I was about ready for a nap myself!


Being that this was not a good angle to watch her I moved as close to the Hall of Justice as I could and set up. Beauty woke up and did some preening and well just perched there being her Beautyful self in the grayness of the day.

img_2245-beauty img_2247-b-with-a-full-crop

It started to spit raindrops down on us so I got out the umbrella and plastic bag to cover my camera and binocs. The rain started coming down harder so I decided to go find some cover and as I packed up my stuff  Beauty left and I had no idea what way she flew off to. I took a look around on my way back to the Times Square area and after not finding a falcon on any of the regular places I decided to call it and go home. As I stood waiting for my bus I couldn’t help but smile for having spent much of my watch chasing our Beautyful girl around the city and happily finding her to share space once again with the fastest animal on the planet! 🙂

Links for 3 videos below need only be clicked on to view


4 Responses to “Morning watch 9-28-12”

  1. Alison Says:

    Thank-you for braving the elements to bring us this report.

  2. MAK Says:

    No biggie Alison, it was a light rain. 🙂

  3. Barb W. in L.A. Says:

    Good watch, MAK! It’s always comforting to see the Beauty-ful one living in, and watching over, her territory. I also enjoyed that footage you took of the Chickadee. What a lively little guy and such cheery sounds.

  4. MAK Says:

    Oh yes Barb, chickadees are always good for putting a smile on ones face! Thanks! 🙂

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