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Morning watch 10-21-12

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

What a Beautyful and breezy morning I had with sunshine and blue skies-perfect for falcon watching. I found Beauty on the top ibeam northeast side of OCSR. I shared space with her for 3 hours from below the OCSR, next to the Radisson Hotel and over by the Rochester Convention Center. She watched pigeons fly up and down the river,preened,pooped and napped.

img_0932-beauty-watching-pigeons img_0929-beauty-poops img_0951-sleepy-head

At about 9:00am Dot.Ca showed up under the northeast wing and half hour later he flew off and landed under the southeast wing.

img_0949-dc img_0963-dc img_0964-dc

Beauty flew over my head to the east and DC followed behind her out of my view. A minute later Beauty was on the base of Mercury and 10 minutes after that DC landed there as well. There was a little echupping and a bow or two and then they both took off heading east above me once again and out of my sight.

img_0971-beauty img_0973-beauty-bowing-to-dc Click for the full version

5 minutes later Beauty was on OCSR again top ibeam northeast side. A woman from Florida named Gina stopped to ask me what I was taking pics of ,so I showed her Beauty on my camera screen and she flipped out saying her husband would love this since he was a bird watcher. I told her the history of our falcons, handed her a rfalconcam business card and off she went to tell her husband as he was eating breakfast in the Radisson Hotel. Beauty flew off to the east one more time only to return some 40 minutes later.

I decided to go to the Brighton sight and look for Miss Pigott. As I stopped in the back of the building and started searching window ledges I found the very grown up Pigott on a southeast corner window.

img_0985-pigott img_0998-pigott

In the 40 minutes that I stayed with her she didn’t move a whole lot and I figured since she had a full crop she wasn’t going to do much. I had to get going but I left smiling for having seen 3 falcons on my watch! 🙂

Click the links below for pics and videos of all 3 falcons



8 Responses to “Morning watch 10-21-12”

  1. margaret Says:

    Miss Pigott has grown up! No more sub-adult.
    So now there are three female pefas in Rochester. Doc.ca is going to have a field day.
    Is there any indication that Doc.ca has visited KPF yet?

  2. MAK Says:

    No idea Margaret but if I was a betting gal I’d say he probably has had a look see! 🙂

  3. Ginny Says:

    Dot.ca must be in his glory with all his women 🙂
    These were great pics and videos!
    Loved them!!!!

  4. Barb W. in L.A. Says:

    Glad your watch was calmer today, MAK. Nice to see Beauty and Dot.ca continuing to bond. Pigott is getting to be a fine looking lady. Does anyone know whether DC actually ends up spending the whole night at BS with Pigott? Wow…if he also bonds with KPF he’ll be breaking his Dad’s record, right?

  5. Barb W. in L.A. Says:

    Wishing you a Very Happy Birthday, MAK!

  6. MAK Says:

    Thank you Ginny and Barb!
    Yes Barb, calm is good. We don’t really know where Dot.Ca spends his nights! And thanks for the birthday wish, I had a nice day! 🙂

  7. lori f Says:

    Happy Birthday MAK. Hope you had a great day!

  8. MAK Says:

    Thanks lori, I did! 🙂

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