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Morning watch 10-22-12

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

It took me about half an hour to find a falcon this morning as I made my way back to the Broad St. Bridge from a ride around the city. I found Dot.Ca(DC) under the northeast wing of the Times Square Building(TSB).


He left 20 minutes later and 20 minutes after that Beauty showed up landing on the deck by the nest box.

img_1016-dc-taking-off Click pic to see DC fly off the back img_1020-beauty Beauty

15 minutes later Beauty flew off very fast over the river kakking the whole way.


20 minutes later DC showed up under the southwest wing of TSB with a prey item and then Beauty flew in to land under the southeast wing to watch him as he prepared it for consumption.


DC was not wanting to share his treasure with Beauty which I find interesting since when he is at BS with prey he takes it right to Pigott. When downtown he seems to take prey from Beauty instead of giving it to her. Perhaps because Pigott is younger than him and Beauty is older-hard to figure him out sometimes. lol Anyway, DC left with his prey and Beauty went to her nest box about 15 minutes later. Shaky came by on his way to jury duty and after he left DC returned empty taloned landing under the southeast wing for a few seconds and then took off again. A few minutes later I found him on OCSR 2nd ibeam southeast side with prey and then Beauty flew over to join him coming to rest about 10 feet away.

img_1039-bdc Click this pic for full version

He picked at it for a few minutes then flew to the TSB with it landing under the northwest wing and Beauty followed and landed there as well.

img_1043-dc-exits-with-the-goods Click them for full version img_1046-beauty-and-dc

DC teased Beauty for 5 more minutes with what was left of his food then he flew off to the east followed by the Beautyful one a minute later. I found him 30 minutes later on OCSR top ibeam by the north corner and a minute later Beauty flew in and landed below him on the 2nd ibeam and she was nibbling on something.

img_1058-bdc Just remember to click all pics for the full version

Beauty flew over to the Frontier Communications Tower platform and either finished eating or cached what she had for she wasn’t there for long before she returned to OCSR and landed about 25 feet away from DC on the top ibeam northeast side.

img_1061-beauty img_1066-bdc Click it

She was whining with her back to him-falcon gamesΒ  you gotta love them! lol I left them and went to the Brighton sight and KP but I didn’t find a falcon at either sight. So after seeing our resident downtown pairing of Beauty and Dot.Ca on a gorgeous fall morning I had more than enough reason to smile! πŸ™‚

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5 Responses to “Morning watch 10-22-12”

  1. Ginny Says:

    I loved all these pics and videos MAK.
    Thank you so much!

  2. Barb W. in L.A. Says:

    Great lift-off shot of Beauty! Beautiful pigeon and gull photos, too. Your reports are telling us more and more about pefa behavoir. Very interesting that Dot.ca shares with Pigott and doesn’t always with Beauty.

  3. MAK Says:

    Thanks Ginny and Barb!
    That young gull started out about 6 feet away from me. I started talking to it and it kept coming closer until it was almost at arms reach. He seemed to like getting his picture taken. lol What can I say about Beauty and Dot.Ca – their history tells us a lot about tough love…falcon style! πŸ™‚

  4. Lori f Says:

    That Dot.Ca, he is such a player. Haha.

  5. MAK Says:

    LOL Lori! πŸ™‚

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