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Morning watch 10-23-12

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

Twas a dark and rainy morning in our fair city as I searched for our falcons.  After a couple spins around downtown I found Beauty on the OCSR west corner top ibeam. I watched her for a few minutes from the Broad St. Bridge when DebbieH came by on her way to work. I told her to hop in and then we rode down to the hole for closer viewing.


Now you might ask why does MAK post such terrible pics-it’s simple, I want to share what I see with everyone. Come rain or come shine life goes on for the falcons-they can’t hibernate in their warm,dry homes when the weather is bad like we do.  So Deb left for work and about 20 minutes later Beauty left as well. Off I went in search of again and I found the Beautyful one on the northwest corner of HSBC.

img_1103-beauty-on-hsbc-with-prey img_1105-beauty

I had a hard time between the rush hour traffic and construction on the east side I was afraid she would leave before I could find a place to view her. She was eating something up there and suddenly she vanished from view and the next thing I saw was Beauty stooping straight down the face of the east side of HSBC. I lost her behind a tree and never saw her again over there so I left to look for her once again. And once again she was on the west corner top ibeam of OCSR. At this time I decided to swing by the Brighton site to see if Dot.Ca or Pigott were around but no luck there. I returned to downtown and found that Beauty was still on OCSR. I watched her from the hole for a few minutes and then she went out of sight. I thought she had left until Donna let me know that she ducked around the corner.

Off to the Andrews St. Bridge to see her and when I looked I could see Dot.Ca on the top ibeam north corner straight down the beam from Beauty.

img_1116-dc img_1117-bdc Click it for full version

I observed them for a bit as the rain started to come down harder making me decide to end my watch. I was sure that they would be staying put for awhile as they get some protection from the rain up there.

img_1115-beauty Beauty img_1118-dc Dot.Ca

Not very good pics today but hopefully I’ve left you with a smile knowing that our downtown Rochester Peregrine pair is wet but safe and sound! 🙂

5 Responses to “Morning watch 10-23-12”

  1. bc Says:

    MAK your “bad” pictures are better than most of my good pictures. 🙂

  2. margaret Says:

    DIttoes! too what bc says above! Love to see our pefas are okay! thank you!

  3. MAK Says:

    Thanks bc and Margaret! 🙂

  4. Paul Hamilton Says:

    Your “bad” pictures always have falcons in them. That’s enough for me.

  5. MAK Says:

    Good to hear Paul,thanks! 🙂

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