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A Friday Evening Falcon Watch – 12/28/12; Falcons Seen Today Beauty, Pigott & BST

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

Lots of snow on the ground, but thankfully most of the roads have been cleaned up.  The city and the towns did a great job.

No more shoveling to do, so I was free to do my evening Falcon Watch!

First though, here are my tweets and tweets from the other Rochester Falcon Watchers that do not post reports, just to keep you up-to-date.

8:00 am – Larry O – “Brighton Falcon watch drive by. 1 Falcon on the northeast extension.”

4:10 pm – Carol P – “DT. Miss Beauty has returned to Mercury.”

4:10 pm – Lisa McK – “At BS, 1 falcon by tree on SE side.”

4:30 pm – Carol P – “DT. Beauty took off heading NE.”

4:40 pm – Carol P – ” DT. Beauty is now tucked into the OCSR elevator shaft on the north ledge. Night B!”

4:40 pm – Lisa McK – “At BS, P is in attack mode.  Both falcons came off bldg  after a red tail hawk.”

4:41 pm – Lisa McK – “RT hawk mafe the mistake of landing in a tree to the east. Pigott was not happy.”

4:41 pm – Lisa McK – “No birds in sight.  Looking to see if they returned.”

4:41 pm – Lisa McK – “1 falcon on NE corner, checking out the area.”

5:10 pm – Carol P – “BS. Lisa had to leave. looks like Pigott on the NE corner. No BST in sight since RTH incident. Waiting 2C if he returns to roost.”

5:20 pm – Carol P – “BS. P just flew down the night roost NE end 4th window down. No vocalization. Too dark to see much.”

Donna reported this afternoon through RfalconcamNow that Beauty was seen on the Mercury statue:

Beauty on Mercury: 3:24 pm; off Mercury: 3:28 pm and on again at 4:04 pm.- as seen on Camera #1.


Just before I left to go downtown, Donna had reported that Beauty was on Mercury, but by the time I arrived, just before 4:00 pm, she was gone.  I drove around looking for her and ended up on the Broad St Bridge and there she was, again on Mercury’s money bag at 4:10 pm.  At 4:40 pm, she was up inside the OCSR elevator shaft on the south ledge, her evening roost.

Beauty on Mercury 12/28/12Beauty on Mercury 12/28/12Beauty in the OCSR elevator shaft south ledge - 12/28/12*





While I was watching Miss Beauty settle in for the night, my fellow Falcon Watcher Lisa McK was watching over at the BS location.  She had reported that a Red-tailed Hawk had stumbled into the area and both Pigott and BST were on the attack.  Lisa said that the hawk landed in a very short tree on the east side of the building and Pigott was not happy.  She dove over and over again on the hawk until it finally left.  BST was also involved in the attack.

Pigott returned to the NE corner of the building, but Lisa was unable to find BST.  I joined Lisa at BS at about 5:00 pm.  Pigott remained on the NE corner.  I was also unable to find BST on the building.

Pigott at NE corner at BS location - 12/28/12*





Lisa had to leave, but I remained until Pigott flew down to her nighttime roost on a window (4th down) on the NE side of the building at 5:20 pm.  There was no vocalization, like I’ve heard other evenings when BST joined her.  It was dark by this time, but I could still make out Pigott on the windowsill.  I drove closer to the building to see if I could see BST near her, but he wasn’t there.  I left soon after that.

The weekend is upon us and I’m sure that, although snow is predicted, there will be many Watchers out and about   I know I will be!

4 Responses to “A Friday Evening Falcon Watch – 12/28/12; Falcons Seen Today Beauty, Pigott & BST”

  1. Sheila Says:

    I love your reports Carol! Thanks!

  2. Ginny Says:

    Thanks so much Carol! Snow here today too…

  3. Barb W. in L.A. Says:

    Your weather advisory looks pretty rough for Saturday. I imagine it’ll be difficult for the Pefas to find food…and any caches they have will be frozen. They’re amazing survivors!Take care out there, Carol and all the other Watchers!

  4. Carol P. Says:

    Thanks very much Sheila, Ginny and Barb. Even in the snow the Pigeons and other birds were very active. Lots of hunting possibilities. 🙂

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