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Falcon Watch 8:15 – 8:45 pm –> Callidora found

Larry O

After a neighborhood assc meeting to discuss an planned development, I headed downtown to walk around and get some exercise. I pulled up to the Broad St bridge and Cleo and I jumped out to get an update on Callidora.

Jim P and Shaky told me that Jemison was on TS, but that Callidora was still not found. Lots of people were downtown keeping an eye out for her.

Since everyone had good coverage on the east side of TS, Cleo and I headed down Broad St to the west to get on the opposite side of the Civic Center which is where Callidora was last seen flying.

It didn’t take long. Keeping my eyes to the skies, I caught a PF fly over Broad St from the Civic Center and then cross back to the Civic Center. She was not too high up. I figured it was Beauty because the flying was too good. Carol P caught up with me and we continued down Broad St looking for Beauty.

We pretty quickly found her over the Civic Center. The question became “Why?” Then Beauty threw us a curve and flew way out to the west — out of view.

I turned down Plymouth to pass behind the jail. Watching the ledge lines and scanning with binocs, I finally found a PF on the jail roof ledge. I alerted the others via radio, and kept watch.

Callidora obliged me by showing her red band. That settled it. Cleo and I had found Callidora. She was looking none the worse for the wear. Beauty kept coming back in and going out, so it became clear that Beauty knew where Callidora was. That’s good because Beauty will keep an eye on her during the night.

Most of the watchers made it over and we all commented on how perfectly Callidora was camoflaged against the background. She was not easily seen.

It was time for Wegman’s – a bachelors got to eat, just like a hungary eyas.

10 Responses to “Falcon Watch 8:15 – 8:45 pm –> Callidora found”

  1. Donna Says:

    Beautiful Larry, you and Cleo…what a team!

  2. Jim Says:

    Great work Larry. A dog walk is always a good idea!

  3. Kris G. Says:

    Thank you so much for finding Calli, Larry!

  4. ei Says:

    Thank you, Larry!

  5. Bonnie Says:


  6. Carla P. Says:

    Cleo, you rock! Larry, you’re OK too!!
    Thanks to the dynamic duo!!!

  7. Carla Provenzano Says:

    Cleo, you rock! Larry, you’re OK too!!
    Thanks to the dynamic duo!!!

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  8. Marcia Lyman Says:

    Thanks, Larry – don’t know how you spotted Callidora against that wall. But we are all of us are so glad you did!

  9. dale Says:

    Thanks SOOOO much, Larry and Cleo, for apprehending the jailbird!

  10. ei Says:

    After looking at Dana’s pictures, extra kudos to you, Larry…spotting a beige & brown bird against beige & brown bricks…amazing!

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