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Tuesday, 29 June 12:00 – 1:15

Watcher: Jim P

Highlights of the watch are below. I’ll post more details when I have time.

Lots of kacking from Beauty. Callidora left Four Corners around 12:30, landed on TSB briefly, then flew again. Watchers lost sight of her over the Civic Center, south of TSB. Larry O thought she landed there, Carol and I couldn’t see her when we went up to Mark’s office in TSB. Got a call from watcher Debbie who thought she saw Calli on the western, lower portion of Times Square. Carol and I searched that side but didn’t see her. However, Beauty was on the NE wing root looking unconcerned, so we think Callidora may just be out of sight on the roof. Watchers are aware and keeping an eye out.

I’ll post full details and pics later. For now, here’s a shot of Callidora as she passed overhead on her way back to Times Square (click it for a bigger view):


Jim P.

3 Responses to “Tuesday, 29 June 12:00 – 1:15”

  1. dale Says:

    gorgeous bird, gorgeous shot. Willya look at that…thanks!

  2. Janet H. Says:

    I was at work and could not log into the chat during the time she was missing (and it was killing me not knowing what was going on!). When I finally got to look at the site, seeing this picture just made me cry. There she was with those giant wings outstretched. Free bird from now on…

  3. Jim Says:

    She did look quite impressive flying overhead. I predict she’s going to give us lots of similar opportunities in the next few weeks.

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