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Wednesday, 30 June 8 – 9AM

Watcher: Jim P

We located all four falcons this morning. Callidora is still on the north side of the Monroe County jail. She appeared comfortable and in no hurry to leave. Presumably one of the adults will eventually tempt her back to the Times Square building. Jemison perched on the Main Cam platform after flying in shortly before I arrived. Archer showed up near 9AM, and when I left he and Beauty were on the parapets at the base of the wings, both with a direct view of Callidora.

Watchers included Jeanne, Jim D and MAK.

2 Responses to “Wednesday, 30 June 8 – 9AM”

  1. Larry O Says:

    Thanks for the update. I’m going to sneak downtown for a few minutes now.
    Larry O

  2. Janet H. Says:

    All quiet. Hooray!!! It’s going to be an exciting weekend!!

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