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76  Rochester Falcons / Rochester Falcon Discussion / Re: 2013 Pictures from the Rfalconcam Cameras on: 04-Jun-13, 10:22:55 am
Contemplating what might have been...
77  Member Activities / Pets / It's just an expression.... on: 10-Apr-13, 09:00:58 am
This works!  Molly, our 15+ year old Chow mix, has always been a low maintenance girl, but now, due to a combination of hip discomfort and doggie dementia, she is having trouble remembering to "go" while outdoors.  A gentle expression of her bladder every six to eight hours has greatly reduced stress, frustration, and running of the "Little Green Machine" carpet cleaner!

78  Anything Else / Totally OT / FRAUD ALERT! on: 28-Mar-13, 01:27:11 pm
Our credit union checking account was hit last week with a $29.95 electronic withdrawal by an entity called "Web World" with phone number 877-830-9381.  Our credit union rep initially said I had to file a theft report with local law enforcement (as if the Sheriff of rural Geneva County, Alabama would give a damn about a theft of $30 from a credit union in Gainesville, Florida).  After my rant (30-year member, etc, etc) the credit union put the money back into our account.  A call to the 877 phone number reached a processing company whose rep identified the charge as a one month subscription to an adult web site (they could have at least given me a user name and password!).  He denied any responsibility for the charge, said they are just middlemen, but promised a refund in 3 to 5 days.  Seems odd that when I call the credit union with account questions, I have to provide my life history before they will talk to me, but a scumbag scammer who has my name and account number (no idea where they stole it) can just help himself to our money.  Anyway, check your bank/credit union accounts carefully and often  - this looks like an ongoing scam (see link) and I'm guessing these people hope we will not notice the disappearance of relatively small amounts of money.     
79  Member Activities / Pets / Re: FDA Issues Warnings on Chicken Treats Made in China on: 21-Feb-13, 10:09:37 am

It works when I click it, but here is the important part:

The recalled Products of Dog Treats were distributed nationwide through various retailers from April 20th to September 19th.

Kasel Industries is recalling the following brands…

    Boots & Barkley
    Nature’s Deli
    Colorado Naturals
    Best Bully Stick items

The link includes a table with UPCs, lot numbers and dates, but if I had any of these, I would dispose of them and find better options (we are now giving "Wet Noses" to our girls).
80  Member Activities / Pets / Re: FDA Issues Warnings on Chicken Treats Made in China on: 20-Feb-13, 06:58:06 pm
And the beat (or beating) goes on...
81  Other Nature Related Information / Raptor Web Cams / Re: Eagle/Owl nest! ??? Oklahoma on: 11-Feb-13, 05:25:31 pm
Many decades ago, as a kid, I had a couple dozen chickens - mostly Bantams, Araucanas, and an old nasty Plymouth Rock hen.  I also had three big white Pekin ducks - two shes and a drake.  The ducks were prolific egg layers but wouldn't set.  The Banty hens would set for two or three hatches a year.  One year, when my best Banty setter decided she was ready for a new brood, I gave her four duck eggs.  She passed the 21 day chicken incubation period and stayed with the duck eggs through their 28 day incubation.  Three of the four hatched.  She was the best mom, leading them around the yard, protecting them from the other chickens and ducks, and scratching up seeds and grubs for the ducklings when their little webbed feet couldn't.  We didn't have a stream or pond - just an old half-drum sunk into the ground to make a small pool.  The mama Banty was beside herself watching her "kids" paddle around all day.  Sad part, though, was when she thought the ducklings were old enough to roost in the evening, she'd fly up into a tree in the yard and repeatedly call to them to join her.  They cried just as loudly to let her know it wasn't going to happen.  She'd eventually give in and join them for the night in their nest box.       
82  Member Activities / Pets / Re: Dog Treat Recalls on: 26-Jan-13, 03:13:45 pm
We're now feeding Wet Noses treats.  The dogs love 'em, they're supposed to be safe, but how can you ever be sure?
83  Member Activities / Pets / Re: Dog Treat Recalls on: 26-Jan-13, 03:10:33 pm
Here's another.  Lots of people know and trust the Hartz name.

84  Member Activities / Pets / Dog Treat Recalls on: 10-Jan-13, 12:16:51 am
85  Other Nature Related Information / General Nature Discussion / Re: Golden Eagle snatches child on: 19-Dec-12, 09:46:37 am
86  Anything Else / Totally OT / Re: How could anyone kill so many children? on: 15-Dec-12, 10:19:33 am
87  Other Nature Related Information / General Nature Discussion / Re: Falcon awaits return to wild on: 18-Nov-12, 11:17:43 pm
A good try, but these guys don't seem to have the equipment (flight cages) or experience of the rehabers that worked with Mariah and Jemison.
88  Member Activities / Pets / Good Mom on: 14-Nov-12, 03:32:27 pm
good mom
89  Rochester Falcons / Rochester Falcon Offspring / Re: Great News! We Have Positively ID'd the Tiercel (Male) at Central Terminal in Buffalo! DIAMANT on: 28-Oct-12, 12:24:22 pm
Always nice to hear from the kids.  The girls seem to stay in touch better than the boys.
90  Other Nature Related Information / General Nature Discussion / Re: Frankenstorm 2012 on: 26-Oct-12, 12:47:04 pm
I see that some northern states have incorporated special (higher) hurricane and windstorm deductibles into homeowner insurance policies.  A nice (for them) little feature that the insurance companies developed and perfected down here in the hurricane-prone south.  Your Good Neighbor has you in Good Hands and under a protective Umbrella!
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