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1  Other Nature Related Information / General Nature Discussion / Re: Peregrine Falcons Finally Return to Nest at Their Most Famous U.S. Eyrie on: 24-Sep-20, 09:00:22 pm
Thank you for posting this.  When we lived in that area, we spent many a day at the Ornithology Lab and Sapsucker Woods, always leaving time to look at the wonderful paintings of Louis Agassiz Fuertes.  This had a good deal of detailed info that I didn't know before, so it was a true pleasure to read.

Dot in PA
2  Anything Else / Totally OT / Re: Falcon (and other critter) art on: 18-Jan-20, 06:40:23 am
Dale, they are so beautiful! I had a wonderful time this morning going through your art. My favorites (hard to choose) were the owls in "other critters" and the birds by the water in your oils. Thank you so much for posting your website for us to enjoy.

Dot in PA
3  Other Nature Related Information / General Nature Discussion / Re: Chicago murals celebrate birds, highlight the perils they face on: 14-Jan-20, 05:46:49 am
These were way above and beyond fabulous!! Thanks so much for posting them.

Dot in PA
4  Other Nature Related Information / Falcon Web Cams / Re: Jersey City, 101 Hudson 2019 on: 26-Jun-19, 12:41:48 pm
What wonderful news!!! Thanks for letting us know that all is OK after the fiasco with the window washers. I sure hope they were heavily fined and then fired.

Dot in PA

DRAMA!!  And so far, an unbelievable outcome.  All three fledglings are alive and in good health.  Two are back at 101 Hudson and the third will be going back very soon.

For the short version please go to:

The longer version with posts and lots of photos is at:

You can find YouTube videos of lots of the Tuesday action if you search for Jersey City Falcon.  Also, there is a wordpress blog at:

I was fortunate to be able to be a part of a rescue and return.  The third falcon, BM/13, has a minor injury, but had been fed during the five days she was missing.

                         good news

5  Member Activities / Birthdays / Re: Happy Birthday, Dumpsterkitty! on: 15-Nov-18, 11:56:09 am
 happybday Hope you have a wonderful day!!! flowers

Dot in PA
6  Other Nature Related Information / Raptor Web Cams / Re: Potted Plant Owls are back in Johannesburg on: 26-Oct-18, 08:33:45 am
Best pf luck to all involved!

Dot in PA

PPOs eggs failed again this year, but she and Poppa will have a chance to raise babies! A nearby rescue had 2 orphaned spotted eagle owl chicks that have now been fostered into PPOs nest! So far, so good!
7  Member Activities / Birthdays / Re: Happy Birthday, Annette! on: 22-Oct-18, 10:56:32 am
party Annette, here's wishing you a wonderful birthday! party

Dot in PA
8  Anything Else / Totally OT / Re: RIP Donna Wiedman Cook on: 27-Sep-18, 05:45:16 pm
Shaky, thank you for a very beautiful farewell to Donna. The silence really is deafening.

Dot in PA
9  Anything Else / Totally OT / Re: RIP Donna Wiedman Cook on: 25-Sep-18, 03:34:26 pm
Donna, nooooo I am devastated to hear this awful news. She was so involved with our falcons and I could never believe all the time she put in watching the cams and posting. Although we have never met in person, she always helped me post my holiday falcon cards. I am trying to work through her passing by thinking of her uniting with Ed and the falcons who did not make it, especially Kaver. Sincere wishes to her family.

Dot in PA
10  Anything Else / Totally OT / Re: Craig, husband of Linda S. (schlaf374) on: 14-Aug-18, 09:48:54 am
Condolences, Linda.  Angry

Dot in PA
11  Member Activities / Birthdays / Re: Happy Birthday, Nicole! (Nic1Pic) on: 26-Jul-18, 07:52:19 am
newyearbd Have a wonderful birthday, Nicole! party

Dot in PA
12  Member Activities / Birthdays / Re: ***Happy Birthday Shaky*** on: 22-Jul-18, 08:38:31 pm
newyearbd Happy Birthday, Shaky! party Hope your day was perfect. thanx for all the many things you do to keep us informed about the falcons.

Dot in PA
13  Other Nature Related Information / General Nature Discussion / Re: Pile of Feathers on: 08-Jul-18, 04:13:29 pm
Don't know if this will help, but the raptors in my yard (mostly red-tail hawks and kestrels) immediately pluck only the longest feathers from the prey and fly off with the rest of it.  Your pile looks like it was completely de-feathered right there where it was killed. If I had to guess, I'd suspect a 4-legged predator like a cat.

Dot in PA
14  Member Activities / Birthdays / Re: ~~Happy Birthday Carla!~~ on: 04-Jul-18, 07:06:06 am
newyearbd Carla, hope your birthday was terrific! happybday

Dot in PA
15  Anything Else / Totally OT / Re: Ginha :( on: 26-Jun-18, 10:58:28 am
Sad I too am sorry to hear this news, as Ginha was one of the posters on this list that I always looked forward to reading.

Dot in PA
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