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Author Topic: Another Great Dane cam  (Read 15033 times)
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« Reply #30 on: 18-Oct-13, 12:13:53 PM »

It was most definitely cool! Who knew scooping poop would be so much fun!

Funny, it's a year ago today that the first litter of 8 we saw were born there...

Tell us??? What made you go there? We like stories!!
Well, I followed them during the winter pretty closely. There have been 6 litters since I've been watching them and they worm their way into your heart. I didn't go there much during "our" season, but I did keep an eye on them.

The organization does really good work. The pups will all be trained to be service dogs. Most will be balance dogs for those with ataxia...MS...Parkinsons...a variety of other movement disorders. Any that aren't suited to balance work will be therapy or companion dogs. Many of their dogs go to veterans with TBI and PTSD.

Sort of similar to here, a great community has grown online around them. They involve the camera peeps in the training and decisions...and absolute reality bad & good.

I'm really not in a position to financially help much...and it's a mostly volunteer when the chance came to go there for a weekend and help out I took it! Scooping poop...scrubbing kennels...doing laundry...helping with meals---there were probably 26-30 dogs there for the weekend to be felt good to give back something for the hours of pleasure I've had watching the pups grow. And a few hours of puppy petting didn't hurt since I really can't keep a dog of my own being away from home so much.

So that's the story! that's a good story!! Thanks Ei, looks like you had a ball....poop and all!!  clap

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