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Author Topic: Back in time (CPF) Rochester  (Read 4728 times)
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« on: 27-Dec-09, 11:08:35 PM »  found this too. I believe this is Linn

Found this on Wikipedia: Environmental record

Kodak has been widely criticized by environmentalists and researchers as one of the worst corporate polluters in the United States. According to[1], a web site that collects information on corporate pollution, Kodak is New York State’s number one polluter, releasing 4,433,749 pounds of chemicals into the air and water supply.[21] While Kodak is still listed as the number one polluter in New York State, its massive industrial site in Rochester, NY reported air releases of 1.8 million pounds in 2006 -- which is a reduction in excess of 90% since 1987.[citation needed]

The Political Economy Research Institute of the University of Massachusetts, author of the Toxic 100, ranked Kodak the fifth largest polluter in the United States in 2002.[22] Kodak responded that the methodology used in the study is faulty, and use of more-accurate assumptions would not place Kodak in the Top 100.[citation needed] In 2004, the Citizens' Environmental Coalition's (CEC) of New York awarded Kodak one of its "Dirty Dozen" awards to highlight its consistently high rates of pollution.[23]

On a more positive note, in 2005, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) selected Kodak to receive the EnergyStar Sustained Excellence Award for "outstanding and continued leadership in reducing greenhouse gas emissions through superior energy management."[24]

In 2006, Kodak surpassed its voluntary goal to achieve a 20% reduction in global greenhouse gas emissions.[citation needed]

As an example of the company's environmental stewardship efforts, Kodak has hosted a pair of Peregrine falcons since 1998. An endangered species in New York State, Peregrines were de-listed from the federal Endangered Species list in 1999, but are still considered threatened. The female falcon, Mariah, and her mates Cabot-Sirocco (1998-2001) and Kaver (2002-present) have raised 35 young from a man-made nest box placed at the top of the company's world headquarters building in Rochester, New York. From 1998-2006 the Kodak Birdcam website transmitted images from the nest box. In 2007 Kodak ceded primary responsibility for hosting the website to the Genesee Valley Audubon Society under the new name Rochester Falconcam.[25] The falcon program is fascinating, educational, and has real ecological benefits, although its ecological benefits and financial expense are vastly less than the ecological costs and financial profit of Kodak's factories and their pollution.

Kodak details its annual progress in Global Sustainability, as well as Health, Safety, and Environment, in a Global Sustainability report.[26]


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