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The Girls Move To The Front Porch

Callidora & Jemison Explore Beyond The Nest Box

Callidora & Jemison Explore Beyond The Nest Box

Both Callidora and Jemison have learned that the world is a lot bigger than the few cubic feet of nest box they’ve called home since they hatched in May. In fact, it didn’t take them long to move from tentative hops in and out of the nest box to hanging out at the very edge of the platform on top of the Times Square Building. It’s a move that’s sure to have some of our live video stream watchers on the edge of their seats. If you haven’t taken a look at the live video recently, now’s a good time. We’ve added a second video stream from our very flexible Camera 1 so that you can follow the nestlings both in and out of the nest.

There’s no need to worry about Callidora and Jemison wandering around. Out in the wild, falcons make their nests on the sides of tall mountain cliffs and other places where there aren’t any fences or walls to contain them. They’re naturally curious about their surroundings, but there’s little chance they’ll fall off the platform. The broad platform also makes a good place for the girls to exercise their wings. They’ll need to do a lot of that before they take their inaugural flights, so the more practice they get now, the better off they’ll be. We also have our volunteers out on the streets keeping an eye on things, just to be safe.

Speaking of that, the Genesee Valley Audubon Society held its annual Fledge Watch Orientation meeting this morning. Attendees were treated to a presentation on the history of Peregrine falcons in Rochester, along with all the information they’ll need to join the fledge watch, which should officially get under way in the next few days. If you missed the presentation, but still want to get involved, don’t worry. We’ll post instructions on how you can join the Rochester Falconcam Fledge Watch soon!

13 Responses to “The Girls Move To The Front Porch”

  1. P J Evans Says:

    They’ve certainly been losing that soft, downy appearance this last week.

  2. Alison Says:

    Not a lot to explore out there, but views of the great wide world in three directions. Must be enticing for the young falcons.

  3. Guido Aijkens Says:

    Nice to see them on streaming video!

  4. Alison Says:

    Wow, look at all those dark feathers! It won’t be long now before the first one steps out into the air…

  5. Alison Says:

    Is that a juvie on the roof???

  6. cindy Says:

    Did Callidora fledge already? Jeminson looks awful lonely!

  7. cindy Says:

    They moved the camera and both girls are there! glad to see they are okay!

  8. Kathy Villone Says:

    They are so cute, growing so fast. When I looked at the main frame, they were no where around. Can’t believe they are out already. Thanks

  9. Ashira Says:

    June 24, 12:24 PM on main camera – Jemison is on the roof, but I see Callidora’s wing and tail feathers sticking out from behind the box (on the left side). Is she okay? D: Did she crash into the wall somehow?

  10. Ashira Says:

    Oh – never mind. xD She just popped back out into view.

  11. P J Evans Says:

    Someone’s sitting on the parapet now.

  12. Shaky Says:

    Jemison made her first trip to the roof on the evening of June 22. Callidora made it up to the roof the following evening.

  13. Alison Says:

    I looked at these beautiful juveniles this morning and said to myself (being a bathrobe brigader, I have no one else to talk to about this) “they are ready to go” Good luck, fledge watchers.

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