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Quest Visits Pickering And Toronto for Golf, Reading

Quest's week June 17-27

Quest's week June 17-27

Other than a visit to Port Hope a few days ago, Quest has been spending all her time in the Tornoto area. In particular, it looks like she’s been hanging out at some high buildings near the Toronto Public Library, which overlook the Tam O’Shanter Golf Club. Maybe she’s working on her short game.

When Quest isn’t looking for birdies on the links, she’s been out at the waterfront in nearby Pickering. It looks like there’s a large industrial complex that she’s been using as a base for her amphibious operations.

3 Responses to “Quest Visits Pickering And Toronto for Golf, Reading”

  1. chrissy Says:

    Must be there for the FPGA. Anyone know if the backpack will float if she loses it over water?

  2. Melissa in MA Says:

    I love hearing about her wanderings! (and the interjection of
    humor is enjoyable too!)

  3. Maureen in MA Says:

    I ditto Melissa in MA!! 😀

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