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Successful Fledges For Jemison & Callidora

Jemison took her first flight Saturday morning, then spent the weekend making occasional, short forays around the Times Square building. Yesterday she took her first extended flight, going about half a block before turning back and making a competent landing at the nest box.

Callidora, much larger and heavier than her smaller sibling, did her share of flapping and wing practice, but couldn’t quite make the leap. That is, until this afternoon, when she too made her maiden flight. According to watchers on the ground, she tried to follow Jemison across a small gap at the top of the building, but ended up curving away from Times Square. She misjudged her return, bumping into the side of the building, but started flapping again and made a soft landing on the flat roof of the nearby Wilder Building, which is just across Exchange Street. She’s been sitting there for a few hours now, hopping along the rooftop. We’ve had Camera 1 trained on her all evening, and she looks no worse for wear. If Callidora doesn’t make it back to the nest box tonight, she’ll be perfectly safe on top of the Wilder building. Archer and Beauty know where she is, and it’ll be easy for them to feed her if she stays. Eventually she’ll make her way back to the nest box, and we have watchers on the ground just in case she takes a bad turn.

Both of the fledglings have made pretty conventional flights. The watchers have a little adjusting to do, being in a downtown environment for the first time, but so far the Times Square building at the corner of Broad and Exchange Streets in downtown Rochester has turned out to be a pretty good place to raise young falcons.

7 Responses to “Successful Fledges For Jemison & Callidora”

  1. Bonnie Talluto Says:

    Go Callidora and Jemi!! I am sure both will be just fine.

  2. chicki Says:

    Hey, what “kid” doesn’t get a few scraped toes and talons?! Way to go!!

  3. kinderkids Says:

    Yay! Love hearing the updates and the pictures are great! Thank goodness for the fledge watchers! Thank you!

  4. Jean Kearse Says:

    I’m confused with the he’ and she’s.
    Jemison – blue band – is a MALE
    Calllidora – red band – is a female.

    Am I correct??

  5. Jess Says:

    @Jean – Jemison (blue band) & Callidora (red band) were both determined to be females by the DEC. Our local falcon watchers have a strong feeling that Jemison is actually a male based on size, but the official record says that she’s a female. Until we know for certain, Imprints will defer to the DEC’s gender identification.

    Over at our sister publication the FalconWatch blog, you’re likely to see Jemison referred to as “he”. It may be a little confusing, but we hope everyone will be able to keep the differences straight.

  6. Maureen in MA Says:

    What very exciting news to come home to after being away the last week – Woo hooooo!! 😀 Thanks for the post. Happy 4th to all!!

  7. Kathy Villone Says:

    thats great to hear…horray…nothing like those firsts steps (flights). Thanks

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