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Jemison Has Broken Shoulder, Says Vet

Jemison - photo by Carol Phillips

Jemison - photo by Carol Phillips

If you’ve been following the reports from our volunteer fledge watchers, you know that Jemison got into trouble flying on the Friday before the July 4th holiday and had to be rescued. If you haven’t been following the news, you can catch up HERE.

The Veterinarian who is taking care of Jemison performed an x-ray today and the results are in. Jemison has a break in her right coracoid bone, part of her shoulder. Her long-term prognosis is uncertain right now, but there’s good reason to be optimistic. In young birds like Jemison bones heal fast, so as long as the bone heals in the correct position, she has a good chance of flying again.

As you can see from the picture above, Jemison’s right wing is much closer to the normal position than the drooping that our watchers witnessed this past Friday when she was rescued.

The Vet also reports that Jemison is feisty and eating well, all good signs. He plans to feed Jemison a diet that includes additional calcium to help with bone growth and healing.

24 Responses to “Jemison Has Broken Shoulder, Says Vet”

  1. Kapi Reith Says:

    So sorry to learn of the break. I do hope that the healing will allow Jemison to resume flight. S/he got off to such a great start.

  2. kathy Says:

    Aww..poor little guy 🙁 That means he and Cali will miss each other. On the plus side he will heal and he is in excellent care thanks to the wonderful team of Rochester watchers!

  3. Julie Says:

    I am so sad….such an amazing little guy. I sure do hope he get’s back in the air and with his family. I just wonder how it happened?

  4. Lina King Says:

    I was so sad to hear the news about J. I am praying that he will heal so he can fly. He looks so sad in the picture. I miss him.

  5. Bonnie Talluto Says:

    Our Jersey Girl had a fractured clavicle that healed on its own within two weeks. She was able to fly strong and fast and up when we released. And the adults were right there to greet her. Let’s hope he’s out and about soon.

  6. Pattie Says:

    So sad to hear of Jemison’s fracture thank heavens she is so young. She is in the best place possible for recover — I am hopeful and confident that we will see her soaring soon. Thanks for the picture. S/he is beautiful.

  7. Amy V. Says:

    Was the vet able to confirm Jemison’s gender status?

  8. Melissa in MA Says:

    I am SO sorry to hear of Jemison’s break; but also SO thankful to
    the dedicated watchers there in Rochester. If you did not have the
    patience to watch while Jemison sat on that window sill, and did
    not react quickly to get him safe, things could have been worse.
    Thanks to all you who let the rest of the world know what is going
    on, and more importantly, keep an eye on these beautiful young

  9. Karen R Says:

    So, so sorry to hear this — but as said, young bones do heal quickly. Seems Jemison has a lot going for him — including special food. I’m glad his/her appetite is good. I think much of our success with the Rochester fledglings over the years is due to the diligence of the watchers. How many have you been able to rescue over the years when they got themselves into trouble!! You all deserve stars in your crowns!!!

  10. rubino271 Says:

    aw so sorry to hear about jemisons break hope it hels fast and can fly normal again! feel like the falcons are my pets

  11. Alison Says:

    The vet is probably no more able to confirm Jemison’s gender than the experts at banding were. There are no external markings or organs – size is the only clue until mating is observed (and even then it might be a toss up – one stork male observed on-line in Germany took the role of female with a male mate for an entire season until he got the right female to come to his nest the following year). An autopsy might give a definitive answer, but we do not want one under those circumstances.

  12. Joyce Says:

    @ Julie – No one knows exactly how Jemison was injured. But more than likely it was caused by a collision with a window. Everything appeared normal to the vet when he was released from the first down. It is possible that there was an undetectalbe hairline fracture from the first time J was downed. Then when J was downed the second time after the parking lot attendants witnessed him hitting a window, it was obvious there was something wrong. Callidora also had a brush with reflections from a window, but she faired well. These are perils of being a urban falcon.

  13. chicki Says:

    A check is on it’s way for help with “his” speedy recovery, and of course quail meat! Thanks to all who are there for “him”!!

  14. kinderkids Says:

    Sorry to hear that it’s a break. Hopefully her young age and the excellent early care she has gotten will help her back to a full recovery. Thank you for the update.

  15. Diane Says:

    Thank you so much for the report of Jemison’s injury. I always wish a speedy recovery,I miss not seeing her in the air with her sister. Best of luck to the caregivers.

  16. amanda Says:

    That is why we do what we do! 🙂 If people did not volunteer and help this Falcon, then its fate would be quite sad. Without being able to fly could prevent her from hunting and so many other things! I do a watch here in Hamilton ON…and we just did a re release with an injured birds. Have faith! She will be fine!

  17. Sue Says:

    Dr Parsons is a great vet and she/he is in good hands if this vet is stilling caring for the injured fledge. (saw his pic on site when it initially happened)

  18. Maureen in MA Says:

    Thank you very much for the update!! I wish him/her a speedy recovery!!

    I noticed in this news post that the pronoun has been reverted back to a “her” in referring to Jemison… has the vet made any conclusions as to whether Jemison is truly a female, or male?

  19. Alison Says:

    Jess’ posts will continue to use the gender of the banding, the watchers will use the gender they think the bird really is – you could use “it” to avoid settling down on one side or the other of the controversy.

  20. Maureen in MA Says:

    @Alison – Okay, thanks. I had read that before but I thought perhaps something might have changed with Jemison’s recent stay with the vet.

  21. Alison Says:

    There has been no official pronouncement from that quarter.

  22. Ashira Says:

    Poor Jemison! D: Hopefully there will be fast healing.

    I’m a mite confused, though – on Imprints Jemison is referred to as a female, whereas on the FledgeWatch blog he/she is called a male. Do we know the gender for sure?

  23. Shaky Says:

    No, we don’t know the gender for sure.

  24. Mary Lou Robson Says:

    How is Jemison? We out here in California worry about him, but I can’t find an update since the 4th of July. Please email me either an answer or a link to a place I can look. Thank you.

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