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Could Quest Be Settling Down?

Quest In October

Quest’s latest location data are all clustered in the immediate area around the Pickering Nuclear Power plant in Pickering, Ontario Canada. Not only that, but just this past weekend she was spotted there by Rochester Falconcam watchers Joyce and MAK. They tell us that Quest was once again seen in the company of a male peregrine, and that they were both acting very comfortable with each other.

Even better, Joyce took some pictures! Here’s a few for you

Quest (below) and Male (top) on Water Tower

Quest (below) and Male (top) on Water Tower

Quest on the water tower

Quest on the water tower

Male falcon taking off

Male falcon taking off

And finally, a shot of Quest passing overhead. Her transmitter is clearly visible in this picture.

Quest in flight

Quest in flight

We’re very pleased that we’ve finally gotten some pictures of Quest to share with you, and we’re grateful for the efforts of Joyce, MAK, and all the other watchers who have made the long trip to Pickering Ontario in search of our intrepid peregrine. It seems like she’s pretty comfortable at the power plant, and if she has found a mate in this male, we may even be able to look forward to some nesting activity next year. We’ll keep our eye on Quest to see if she decides to make this her permanent home.

6 Responses to “Could Quest Be Settling Down?”

  1. Donna Says:

    What a great weekend with amazing results! Thanks MAK & Joyce and to all the others who went on a quest for “Quest”. We know she is doing well and from what I hear, even though it’s a Nuclear Plant…it’s a beautiful area.

  2. Debbie H. Says:

    Thanks to MAK & Joyce!! THis is sooooo exciting. The anticipation of next spring is Huge!!

  3. Melissa in MA Says:

    WOW! How great to check up on Quest and to find pictures of her!! Thanks so much to those who went looking for her; how exciting it must have been to find her! I love the picture of her flying by with the transmitter visible. She is doing well it appears and has even met a partner. I am so thankful we have been able to follow her progress since she left Rochester.

  4. More Pictures of Quest « Imprints Says:

    […] Contact us « Could Quest Be Settling Down? […]

  5. BIGFRANK Says:

    Fantastic shots. I am hoping to get out that way in November and beyond occassionally I will have a good long look for Quest on any visits.

  6. Maureen in MA Says:

    I too am thankful we’ve been able to follow Quest’s progress since she left Rochester – so very exciting!!

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