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Diamante (2008) at Central Terminal in Buffalo, NY!

Thanks to Rochester Falcon Watcher Joyce Miller, we have this wonderful news to share with everyone. Diamante has been positively ID’d and is the current tiercel (male) at the Central Terminal in Buffalo, NY! Here are a couple pics that Joyce took while visiting this nest site on Thursday, October 25th.

Diamante ID at CT Joyce #2 10-25-12 Diamante ID at CT Joyce 10-25-12

There will be more current pictures of Diamante shared as soon as we receive them.

Diamante’s band is 21/R black/green. He was named by Ms. Dawson’s Class, School 28, in Rochester, NY.

This year (2012), there was a change at Central Terminal in Buffalo, NY. Stash and Stella were gone and there was a new pair in town. The Buffalo and Rochester Falcon Watchers teamed up to attempt to get ID’s on this new pair. The female was ID’d fairly quickly. She is Gleig, hatched in 2009 at the Hamilton Sheraton Hotel nest site. The male continued to elude identification by the Watchers, until now!

We are very happy to announce that the new tiercel (male) at Central Terminal in Buffalo, NY this year is none other than our very own Diamante from 2008. He is the son of Mariah and Kaver and brother of Quest, Linn & Rhea Mae. He hatched the same year as Quest. Here are some pictures of a very young Diamante and his brothers & sisters.

5 Eyases 2008 Diamante Group Eyas Hug 6-5-08 5 Eyases #5 6-9-08 Diamante Left

Diamante and Susan B were the last to hatch in 2008, but they very quickly caught up with their siblings Quest, Seneca, & Zephyr. Here are a couple of pics from 2008. The first one is Diamante peaking through the tree branches on the gorge wall. The second picture is of Diamante and Quest in a game of talon tag above the Genesee River.

Diamante on Gorge Wall Quest & Diamante 6.28.08 Joyce

In 2012, two young females hatched on at the nest box at Central Terminal, Alfreda & Wagner. The Mariah & Kaver Legacy continues!

14 Responses to “Diamante (2008) at Central Terminal in Buffalo, NY!”

  1. Donna Says:

    This is so thrilling. I can say I saw him back in August!! Thanks so much Joyce, you all been trying for a while now and it finally paid off! All we need is a Seneca sighting! 🙂

  2. Carol P. Says:

    This is great news! Another successful M&K kid found. WooHoo! Love the “pile of eyas” pics. Diamante is in there somewhere. lol

  3. Tiffany Says:

    Awesome! I know we shouldnt pick favorites but I’ve always had a soft spot for Diamante. If his mate was born from the Sheraton Hotel site would that make him and his mate cousins? So excited he’s been found!

  4. Ginny Says:

    This is just great news! 🙂
    Thank you!

  5. Barb W. in L.A. Says:

    Very exciting news! Thank you, Joyce!

  6. Carol P. Says:

    Hi Tiffany – It’s ok to have favorites. 🙂 Gleig is from the Sheraton in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, not the Downtown Sheraton in Toronto where Rhea Mae and Tiago reside.

  7. Paul Hamilton Says:

    Good going Joyce (and also Diamante)!

  8. Tiffany Says:

    Ahhh I get it. Sooo excited!

  9. Carla Says:

    Sheraton Hamilton is one of my favorit cams,since the first time I watched the Pefa’s,together with Rochester and 55 Waterstreet.It’s great to see the young ones find each other,yes, so exciting!

  10. margaret Says:

    This is fantastic news! Unbelievable news! Wouldn’t you love to know where he has been these past four years! We know where Quest has been. What a set of genes these birds have!
    It is okay to have favorites – and from 2008 – Quest has always had my heart. But these young uns’ were the first that I actually saw fly around …I actually made it down town once or twice, so they hold a special place in my hear.

    Good going, Joyce! This is fanstastic news. Long may Mariah and Kaver’s kids and grand kids fly the skies!

  11. Alison Says:

    How wonderful.

  12. Guru Says:

    Awesome news!

    Way back when, wasn’t it thought that he was the first male, for a short time, at BS? And there with Beauty? My memory….you know!

  13. Joyce Says:

    Guru – That was Zephyr as a subadult that we spotted at the Brighton Site with Beauty. As a youngun’ before that he was also spotted in Honeyoe Falls at a feeder. He still had the yellow tape on his band. Diamante had red tape over his silver USFWS band, but that is gone now.

    I can’t tell you how many people have taken pictures of Diamante since last Spring and many with telephoto lenses. Everytime he sat on the perch, he always had the wrong leg to the camera or the band wasn’t visible. We knew it was black over green, but so difficult to get the digits. I didn’t think captured the ID (especially in flight), so I didn’t bother to check my pics from Thursday until Saturday. I can’t tell you how excited I was to find it was our Rochester falcon Diamante. And…it is only 70 miles from Times Square to Central Terminal.

  14. Guru Says:

    Ah yes, Zephyr. Age, you know! So that is 4 of 5 confirmed sighting from 2008 that were documented. How fantastic.

    Thanks Joyce!

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