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Banding Day for the Rochester Falcons 2013 – 6/18/13

Today was banding day for the three young eyases (young falcons) in the nest box high on top of the Times Square Building located in downtown Rochester, NY.

Our friends from the Department of Environmental Conservation were there to band them. At the same time they are banded, they were given names chosen by Rochester Falcon Fans and Watchers.

The extraction of the eyases went very smoothly. Both parents, Beauty and Dot.ca were there and they showed their displeasure when their young were taken.

Dot.ca Comes in to Defend the Eyases 6-18-13

The young Peregrine Falcons were brought into the building where they were banded. First their gender is determined by measuring the circumference of the leg. Females are larger than the males.

The first eyas was a female and she was given the name Rosetta. Rochester Falcons Fans were asked to submit names for one of the eyases. Then the names were voted for by the members of the Rfalconcam Forum. The winning submission was sent in by Eileen Karle of Kerhonkson, NY.

Rosetta Getting her Bands 6-18-13 I

ROSETTA (Female) Name submitted by Eileen Karle & Chosen by the RFalconcam Forum Members
Rosetta McClain Garden is a park on the Scarborough Bluffs above the shores of Lake Ontario in Toronto, ON. It is the home of a raptor watch founded by Frank Butson. Big Frank is no longer with us, but his legacy of caring for raptors of all kinds lives on in our eyases…he rescued Dot.ca soon after he fledged.
NYS Band: 96 Black/BA Green; USFW Band: 1947-21532 – With White Stripe on Blue Tape

The second eyas is also a female. Her name is Voyager, chosen by long time Falcon Watcher Larry O’Heron.

Voyager 2nd Female Banded 6-18-13 I

VOYAGER (Female) – Named by Larry O’Heron
The twin Voyager 1 and 2 spacecraft continue exploring where nothing from Earth has flown before. In the 33rd year after their 1977 launches, they each are much farther away from Earth and the Sun than Pluto. Both spacecraft are still sending scientific information about their surroundings through the Deep Space Network (DSN). The primary mission was exploration. After making a string of discoveries, the mission was extended. The adventurers’ current mission, the Voyager Interstellar Mission (VIM), will explore the outermost edge of the Sun’s domain. And beyond.
NYS Band: 95 Black/BA Green; USFW Band: 1947-21533 – With Red Stripe on Yellow Tape

The 3rd eyas banded was smaller. This little male was named Baron, named by another long time Rochester Falcon Watcher, Lou Capuano.

Baron The Only Male 6-18-13 I

BARON (Male) – Named by Lou Capuano
The word ‘Baron’ means warrior or nobleman. It’s associated with individuals who possess great power or influence in some field of activity. An example is the ‘Red Baron’, perhaps the most widely known flying ace in history due to his prowess in the air.
NYS Band: 19 Black/BA Green; USFW Band: 2206-75402 – With Green Stripe on Yellow Tape (6/27 – green tape came off)

The banding of the eyases was over quickly and they were returned to the nest box where Beauty joined them, sitting on the Rfalconcam main camera. Things are back to normal in the nest box. Be sure to check out our cameras and live streaming video to see what is happening with Beauty, Dot.ca, Rosetta, Voyager and Baron.

Here are some more pictures from banding day.
Eyas Waiting to be Banded
Rosetta's Bands
Voyager's Bands
Nice to Meet Ya Baron!
Voyager Ready for the Trip Home
Shaky Gets Read to Help Do Some Camera Maintenance
Rosetta Goes Back to the Nest Box
Beauty Settles on Main Cam After Banding
End of Banding Day - Beauty & Dot.ca on Guard (Mercury Statue)

9 Responses to “Banding Day for the Rochester Falcons 2013 – 6/18/13”

  1. Maureen in MA Says:

    So very exciting!!! Thank you for posting all the banding details and photos!! 😀

  2. Braveheart2665 Says:

    Thanks so much for these great pics !

  3. Amy V. Says:

    Any info on their weight at banding?

  4. patsy6 Says:

    Thanks for the report and the great pictures! I especially like the one of B&DC on Mercury, looking west into the sunset.

  5. Ruth Says:

    Awesome pics!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!!

  6. Ginny Burke-Kasper Says:

    Beautiful pics. Brings back memories of Silver Boy’s banding in May in Pittsburgh. May they all have long and productive lives!!

  7. shakymon Says:

    @Amy, DEC does not weigh eyases at the time of banding.

  8. Debbie H. Says:

    Thank you to everyone for your dedication to these beautiful Falcons!! They are gorgeous and great names. AWESOME!!

  9. Alison in Indiana Says:

    Wonderful and meaningful names, as always in Rochester.

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