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Fledge Watch: Tom and Ryan Lentz, June 30, 8:00am-9:10am

This morning our “official watch” started at 8:00 and when we got there things were all around pretty quiet. All the falcons were accounted for except one juvie (which we later spotted) and even Mariah was asleep. Meanwhile we spotted a groundhog, deer, and wild turkey.

At one point all three of the juvies that we could see took off and Kaver followed to make sure of what they were off to do. Kaver then returned with all four of the juvies behind him, Grace showing off her above average flying ability. They then paired up and showed off some of their new flying skills with some in the air tag and playful flying. After this littlle air show the juvies split back up again and came to rest on their separate places. After all this excitement with the juvies and Kaver, Mariah finally woke up, preened for a little, and then went back to sleep, obviously not too thrilled with the juvie’s fun.

One Response to “Fledge Watch: Tom and Ryan Lentz, June 30, 8:00am-9:10am”

  1. Alison in Austria Says:

    I worry about the “above average” flyers. I recall Hafoc also being called that. They are so good, they tend to be overly ambitious, if not to say incautious.

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