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ROC the Day: Another Success

Thanks once again to the generosity of our dedicated falcon followers, we raised nearly $2,500 yesterday, including two bonuses totaling $1,500 that were earned by carrying out our time-honored plan to donate en masse between midnight and 1 am in order to increase our chances of winning.

ROC the Day officials will send us a list of donors sometime next week and a full financial statement in February, at which point we will know who to thank individually. Until then, thank you to everyone who donated. Your contributions will be used to fund Rfalconcam operations and improvements throughout 2015.

2 Responses to “ROC the Day: Another Success”

  1. Alison in Indiana Says:

    Another organization beat us to it at 10 pm? Doesn’t matter, all those late donations are still good money.
    I hope the list does not report every donor separately for every single donation he or she made, because getting multiple thank-you letters or e-mails would not be cool and letters in particular would cost part of what was donated for rfalconcam.

  2. Shaky Says:

    We did not win the 10 PM slot. I believe the report sent by the organizers lists the total for each donor. Donors will receive only one thank-you letter from Rfalconcam unless they elected to make their donation anonymously.

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