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We Are Very Sad to Report That Bronx Did Not Make It

June 23, 2015

Monday morning, June 22, DEC biologist Jenny Landry received a phone call from Rich Calabrese at the Times Square Building about a potentially injured juvenile falcon found in one of the wells on the outside of the building. Rich wasn’t sure if it was injured or just trapped. Following Jenny’s instructions, Rich placed the young falcon in the nest box well. There the DEC and many of us monitored its progress. We figured out it was Bronx and the DEC determined his injuries needed to be attended to. DEC Region 8 Staff retrieved the injured falcon and transferred it to the rehabilitator.

This is Jenny’s report:

I am very sad to have to report that the fledgling falcon had to be euthanized due to the severity of its injuries. There was an injury to the spinal cord resulting in not only the apparent paralysis of the legs, but also the impairment of other functions (digestive) of the lower body. It was relayed to me that neither the vet nor the rehabilitator in their extensive experience, have seen a bird recover (for release or as an educational bird) from such a spinal cord injury and the decision was made to not prolong its suffering.

We are all sad to have lost Bronx and need to keep in mind that we still have two more young falcons to watch over and enjoy. We have so much to be proud of for the number of young falcons that Rochester has added to the current Peregrine Falcon population.

June Summers
Genesee Valley Audubon Society

15 Responses to “We Are Very Sad to Report That Bronx Did Not Make It”

  1. Joan Says:

    What a shame! We have all watched this process so intently, and wanted so much for them all to fly free. Bronx is now where there will be nothing scary or hurtful. Isn’t it wonderful how we get so attached, as if they are our own. I wonder if the others will miss Bronx. I wonder if they even realize that one is missing.

  2. Kris G. Says:

    Such sad news. Fly free, sweet Bronx..you’ll never be forgotten. :'(

  3. John DeNicola Says:

    It’s sad to hear about the perils these birds go through as Bronx did. As we think about this, consider one thing; the amount of successful hatches /fledges that have happened all over this state and across the U.S. As well. These efforts have been overall effective in bringing the peregrines out of being endangered. They are beginning to thrive. Take note of that, as well as the way may have become educated about these Falcons.

  4. Carla Says:

    So sorry to hear, such sad news.Fly free litlle Bronx.Carla

  5. Jeannine Doyle Says:

    As I said when we knew he was injured, my heart was broken. I glad he was found, cared for and his pain was ended. We will all miss him, but love him forever. In some cases we treat our animals more humanly then humans.

  6. Alison in Indiana Says:

    How sad, but not unexpected. It is a miracle to have every member of a brood survive its first year.
    Thank-you to all watching the fledgelings and caring for them.

  7. lori frederick Says:

    I am so sorry to hear this. He is at peace now and no longer suffering.

  8. Annie M Says:

    So sorry for little Bronx. Special thanks to everyone who tried to help him. Annie

  9. Rich Calabrese Says:

    Good day everyone. Here’s my theory on what happened to Bronx…. Bronx flew to the top of a wall of a water drainage pit (one of four) located just under the lattice work of the Times Square Building wings. (The same type of pit that the nesting box is located in). He then hopped down off his perch, landed in the pit and curiously wandered into the base of the wings through an opening located between the pit and lattice. Once inside, he tried to fly out and probably hurt himself by flying into the lattice structure, similar to a bee trying to escape through a glass window. When he was found, he looked rather helpless but not panicking at all. He was using his wings to move along the floor but clearly wasn’t able to take flight. So, I immediately called Jenny at the DEC and she got her folks to come and take Bronx to the rehab facility. You know what happened after that. A lot of folks in the Times Square Building watch the cams and they were asking about Bronx and were concerned about his safety. This morning they got the news and everyone is sad to say the least. Hang in there folks, at least we still have the other birds flying above us.

  10. Donna Says:

    Thank you so much Rich for your theory and for rescuing our little guy Bronx! <3

  11. Carla Says:

    Thanks Rich………

  12. Joanne Formicola Says:

    Bronx is with all our beautiful falcons up in Falcon heaven! God bless you our little man!

  13. Linda B Says:

    So sorry for your loss with Bronx. Beauty and Dot.ca will grieve as well. Stay safe, dear falcons! Our Utica falcon followers have been informed of your loss as well!

  14. Gregoria garcia Says:

    I sit here and weep for the loss of Bronx. For the past 2 years I have watched as Beauty and Dot.ca have taken care of their offspring. 4 egg last year…all hatching and all fledging. I was so hurt that one of the eggs this year did not hatch. But I was so happy that the other 3 did hatch. Beauty sat for many days on her eggs and to think that one of the three that she nurtured and watched over for 6 weeks is gone hurts me so. Beauty is such a great mother. So attentive to every need of her babies. My heart aches for her and Dot. We as humans could learn a lot from just watching these Falcons on how to raise our human children. I DO look forward to next spring and seeing Beauty be the great mom that she is!

  15. Janie Says:

    So sorry to read tonight that Bronx didnt make it. My dad was born in the Bronx so I felt an attachment to him in particular. But I know from watching the cams for so long that its truly a blessing so many have survived their fledges with a better chance at a life due to the great watchers who are there to help them. Even if it means saving one leads to humanely putting them out of pain. Its a wonderful job you all do.
    Fly Free Bronx. Im so glad you got to fly for as long as you did. Prayers for the little falcon. God Bless him.

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