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An Early Morning Egg #4 for Beauty and Dot.ca! – 3/31/16

Early this morning, at approximately 4:37 am, Beauty laid her 4th egg! There were a few people on line to witness the event, but it was too dark to tell exactly when she laid it. A couple hours later, there was a changing of the guard, when Dot.ca arrived for his first look at his four eggs. Finally, just a few moments ago, he got up so that we had our first good look at all four! Congratulations Beauty and Dot.ca!

3-31-16 Egg #4 437 am Camera2_20160331-0437003-31-16 Egg #4 MainCamera_LowRes_20160331-0650003-31-16 DC 4 Eggs MainCamera_20160331-081000

One Response to “An Early Morning Egg #4 for Beauty and Dot.ca! – 3/31/16”

  1. Alison in Austria Says:

    Looks like she is stopping at the usual 4. That is good.

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